Saturday, April 30, 2011

#6: Avoiding a Parking Ticket

#6 It makes my day when………..You avoid a parking ticket even though you know it has expired.
It has happened to all of us. Paying for parking is annoying, so you try to pay for as little as possible.
Fast-forward a few hours and you are having such a great time at your event, that even though you know you ticket is about to expire, you push your luck for an extra half hour.
Then it comes for the stressful walk back to your car, eagerly trying to see in the distance whether you can see a ticket on your windscreen. Closer, closer, closer – you still can’t see anything.
Then the relief is overwhelming when you stare intently at your windscreen to see that it is clear. WOHOO you have escaped and it makes feels like a winner, you have beaten the system. What a day!
Note: Your excitement level is directly related to the length of time you have overrun the ticket. People who have pushed the limit by over an hour have often been seen dancing on the roof of their cars. (As below)
Becstar x


  1. shouldn't push my luck talking about it - but the last time i experienced this I thought I had been done! then I realised that the white paper on my windscreen wasn't actually a parking ticket but the ticket that I had placed on the dash!

  2. Close call Hol, although when the nerves build then the excitement doubles.
    The fun of playing the game! :)