Sunday, July 31, 2011

#72: You randomly see a friend while driving.

#72: It makes my day when…………..You randomly see a friend while driving.
Don’t even pretend like this doesn’t make you excited. You are driving along, probably along the same roads that you do every morning, going about your normal business when suddenly you see a familiar car coming towards you.
Before you know it, you have recognised that it is your good friend, Lucie, and without even thinking you beep the horn twice (2 short, sharp beeps to signify a friendly hello rather than one 3 sec beep that would signifies “By gosh, you’re a bad driver”), a massive smile comes over on your face and your arms are flailing all over the place inside the car simulating at an excited wave.
Alternatively if you are on the receiving end (aka You are now Lucie) you will also be driving along in a semi trance thinking about all the things you have to do today, until you are jolted out of your thoughts as you hear 2 sharp honks of a horn and the vision of a crazy woman waving hysterically at you. Your first thoughts are that you must be driving erratically but then as you pass them by you recognise that it is your good friend Bec, you smile, waving back in your rear view mirror hoping she sees that you recognised her.
Either way you both drive away smiling, thinking of where the other person may be heading. Plus you will have something exciting to tell your partner/housemates when you get home and laugh about next time you see each other “Oh you should have seen your face when I beeped” “Oh I thought you were a crazy woman”…..(insert giggles between you here)
Happy driving!
Becstar x

Thursday, July 28, 2011

#71: The public toilet has paper towels.

#71: It makes my day when………….. The public toilet has paper towels.
Now I’m all for the progression of society and invention of new things but really…..hand dryers? Who ever thought they were a good idea? Is it just me or do they just not work? Well unless you have a spare 15mins to spend in the ladies and then you have to explain your extended absence to your friends who wait for you otherwise they’ll think you are having bowel problems….
Maybe they are trying to save paper towels? But even then the electricity to run them would equalise that? Maybe the inventors have family or friends who own a lot of toilet facilities and they have managed to dominate the market?
I really have no idea why they have continued to be used and if you’re an avid  bathroom frequenter you will have noticed that they have even spent time trying to improve the technology & creted a new style of hand dryer but they still DON’T work!
So anyway I always get super excited (well as excited as one can be in a public toilet) when exit the cubicle, lather up the liquid soap, rinse the hands and then turn around for the drying process to spot……..a full supply of crisp, clean paper towels.
Ahhhhh…my hands will be dry in 4.5 seconds and I can avoid placing an awkward wet patch on the back of my jeans from the excess water that has failed to evaporate from the hand dryer.
Happy hand wiping!
Becstar x      

  Your fancy curves don’t fool me!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#70: You get great customer service.

#70: It makes my day when………….. You get great customer service.
The difference between a good day and a great day at the shops, the biggest factor in your level of annoyance when having to deal with providers via the phone or the level of excitement on special occasions when dining at fancy restaurants = the standard of customer service.
I always wondered that it couldn’t be that hard to provide great customer service. I mean just chuck on a smile, a good attitude and be aware of what is happening around you, right? Well no, as sometimes it seems as though it is the hardest job in the world & those doing it seem as though it is the last place they would ever wish to be……..Although I am sure some consumers make it awfully tough with their bad attitudes and poor manners but if you hate your job so much – get a new one!
Therefore it totally makes my day when you come across a shining star, one who provides a great level of customer service and has you beaming as you walk away from your interaction with them. They may have gone out of their way to help you, been polite & attentive, understood your needs or issues or simply smiled and asked how you were going.
Different situations call for different actions but when they get it right, I make sure I go out of my way to tell them so hopefully they will continue with their great service and maybe you will even benefit when you come across them….
Happy shopping!
Becstar x
                    Doesn’t she look like she is just ready & waiting to help you. What a star!

                                          I don’t condone this but I understand the frustration.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#69: You get that last email out, just before your laptop power dies.

#69: It makes my day when…………..You get that last email out, just before your laptop power dies.
If you rely on the use of any particular type of battery powered equipment then hopefully you are nodding along to this one. For me the two things I rely on everyday are my laptop and my iphone.
Working outside of a traditional ‘office’, always out at client’s premises or in the air around the country, I have to be on my A-game when it comes to keeping my appliances charged but to be brutally honest I am sitting on about a C+ average – I suck!
Therefore it totally makes my day when I judge the use of my equipment to perfection by finishing everything that I need to do, then having my laptop power fade out 15 seconds later. I feel like I have beaten the buzzer and won the game by sinking a 3-pointer from the halfway line – okay so that may seem quite drastic but it makes me feel like a winner! Like I have outsmarted the laptop!
This may happen when you have just enough battery on your phone to sms your partner/mum the address for them to pick you up from, your ipod runs out of power just as you finishing your run, the remote control batteries are fading but they still work to turn the tv off so you don’t have to get out of bed or your electric toothbrush keeps spinning until the morning of your weekly shopping trip for more batteries.
Whatever it is, hopefully your good fortune does not go unnoticed and it makes you smile.
Happy power saving!
Becstar x

Monday, July 25, 2011

#68: Your friends are truly happy!

#68: It makes my day when………….. Your friends are truly happy!
Last week I had the pleasure of a quick trip back to Perth for work, which I jumped at as it always a great chance to catch up with my lovely family & friends.
This is an even more special time to be coming back to see them at the moment, as there is so much going on with engagements, weddings and even the odd baby popping up (or out). At the moment these babies are only nieces & nephews but I am sure it is not long until we welcome one into our group of friends.
I have already flown back for 4 weddings this year (3 more to go) and luckily I have a cool boss who allowed me to tie this trip in with a good friend Rachel’s engagement party.
I also got to catch up with Shones, who was recently engaged and gossip with Anita & Kate who are in the midst of planning their December/January nuptials.
Add to this, we farewelled Emma who was off to Europe on a 5 week trip.
Wow! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. But the overwhelming feeling I had every time I walked away from seeing everyone was that everyone just seemed so happy, in a state of excitement with so many “I am so looking forward to….” or “I really can’t wait….” And this just made me so happy.
To see the people that I love so much, so happy & content was enough to make my day 10 times over. What a great feeling!
Happy days!
Becstar x
                 Some of my beautiful, happy friends at Janelle’s wedding a few years back!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

#67: A true champion prevails

#67: It makes my day when…………..A true champion prevails.

Wow what a month it has been of late nights watching the Tour de France but for all the tired mornings  it was so worth it!

So many people have bagged Cadel over the years but I knew he had it in him and the way in which he did it, was nothing short of extraordinary.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it and I know I'm not the only one.....

Bravo Cadel, you have totally made my day and it's so great to see true champions prevailing.

Happy riding!

Becstar x
                                 Combining two of my favourite things – Champers & Cycling!
                                     What a moment of relief - not only for Cadel but for all us watching at home!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#66: You tick everything off your to-do list!

#66: It makes my day when…………..You tick everything off your to-do list!
If you are anything like me then you would list your hobbies as follows –
·        Hanging out with friends & family
·        Exercising
·        Travelling to new places
·        Making lists
My whole list is run on lists, what I need to do at work, how I run my social life & manage my relationships (Yes I have a list for who I need to call/contact each week), running errands, shopping lists, exercise schedules and so on…..
I usually end my work day but sitting down and writing out my schedule for the following day with all the things I need to do. I also have a whole set of rules about incomplete tasks & not being able to forward them more than 3 times but that’s a whole other story that is way too complicated to explain.
Anyway my point is that there are not many other things that can happen to me throughout the day that make me feel as satisfied as when I finally cross  that last task off my list (I have to manually cross out each line item, so I feel like I am achieving something) What a day’s it’s been when I have actually managed to cross off all 36 items which may include everything from ‘Tidying email inbox, preparing an invoice, calling my nanna, going to a gym class, paying a bill, putting on the slow cooker, painting my fingernails and catching up on my favourite blog’
Oh yeah, I put all sorts of things on my lists, some of which are even too embarrassing to put here. If someone ever stole my diary, they may be in for a laugh!
Writing the MMDW blog is usually the first thing on my weekday lists and you can tell it’s been a busy one when I am not posting the blog until 5.10pm Perth time! Whoops, only 11 items left on today’s list L

Happy list making!
Becstar x

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#65: You change lanes & avoid hitting the lane markers

#65: It makes my day when………….. You change lanes & avoid hitting the lane markers.
Today’s post was sent in by my baby bro Trav and as soon as I read it, I thought ‘Yes, I love it when that happens!’
While it may not be a mood changer or have you punching the air in delight, it certainly brings a smile to my face & has me thinking “Geez Bec, you are a bloody precise driver!”
I am sure you all know exactly what I am talking about but in case you aren’t, this happens when you are driving down the freeway, changing lanes or perhaps merging and you miss hitting the cateyes in the middle of the road and avoid feeling the “doon-doon” when you drive over them.
The pleasure of a smooth ride is enough to put a smile of my face and hopefully on yours too.
Happy merging!
Becstar x

Sunday, July 17, 2011

#64: You master a new skill.

#64: It makes my day when………….. You master a new skill.
Firstly apologise to you all for my lack of blog posts last week – I was just having too much of a great time in the snow at Falls Creek. I had tried to be organised and prepared 2 drafts for posts on Monday & Tuesday but then I literally did not turn on my computer for the rest of the week (First time in over 2 years, I’ve gone two days without switching it on!)
Anyway today’s blog post is all about what I was doing last week – mastering the skill of skiing! Or more generally mastering a new skill!
How good is it when you are able to finally dominate a new skill that you have just learnt or may have been practicing for ages.
Whether it was finally being able to tie your shoelaces when you were a kid, mastering the art of cooking pumpkin scones or learning to ride your bike backwards sitting on the handlebars (This one took me ages to master. I have no idea why I spent so long learning such a useless skill but it does impress people when I whip it out!).
Nothing beats the satisfaction of achieving the desired result after putting in the hard work!
So last week, I was full of smiles as I conquered the blue runs of Falls Creek gaining confidence (perhaps too much confidence) with each run and pushing my speeds higher and higher.
What’s next of your list of new skills to conquer?
Happy practicing!
Becstar x

Monday, July 11, 2011

#63: The parking meter is out of order

#63: It makes my day when………….. The parking meter is out of order
If you are an avid reader of my blog (Hi mum!) you may well be aware that I really don’t enjoy paying fees to park my car. If you are a new reader, firstly welcome and to help you to understand the immense pleasure I get when I avoid having to pay parking fees, you may wish to click here, here and here.
So when I am required to buy a ticket, I reluctantly park my car, rummage through my console collecting all my loose change and then trudge my way over to the parking meter.
Then the sight I always welcome and I bet you can almost sense the exhilaration I feel when I see that the parking meter is out of order………..You litter ripper, I’ve just save myself $8 – I think I will shout myself a coffee and a muffin.
Or for those playing along at home in Sydney, this event has probably just saved you $88 and you have enough to shout yourself a new outfit. What a day!
Although beware readers……….Make sure you take a good look around and ensure that there are no other parking meters in sight, because I have known them to be ruthless and if you can see another meter you may want to hope that is out of order as well, otherwise you may be living on the edge by not getting a ticket. Although leaving a pretty note, explaining that the machine is busted can help your cause.
Happy frarking! (Free Parking)
Becstar x

Sunday, July 10, 2011

#62: Unexpected free upgrade

#62: It makes my day when……….. Unexpected free upgrade
Oh this is a goodie….and the more unexpected the better.
Whether it be a free upgrade from a standard room to a pool view room, a free upgrade at car hire form a Getz to an Accord or even a free upgrade at Macca’s because you know the kid working at the drive through.
Getting something extra is always such a thrill for me.
Sometimes I think companies should offer less and then give more than people expect, as I know it would make me think higher of them.
The one elusive upgrade I am waiting for is the upgrade to Business Class on a long haul flight – maybe I’m dreaming but it ever happens, I will be smiling the entire way!
Happy times!
Becstar x

Left: Now this is how all plane travel should be - First Class on Emirates.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

#61: You open to the exact page you need

#61: It makes my day when………... You open to the exact page you need
Okay this may seem trivial and like I am starting to struggle with ideas for this blog (I need 39 more ideas people, so send them to me at but this one has been quite relevant to me lately.

I have been working on some data checking for one of our large clients, which involves checking the reporting details of their injuries against the Australia Standards. The problem being the Australian Standard document is 291 pages long……

Out of these 200+ pages only about 8 are actually relevant to me and they are found around pages 29, 103, 147 and 171. I only occasionally need to reference these for the tricker cases but you can imagine the pleasure when I click the mouse halfway down the page bar and magically land on the exact page I was after.

Gold! Sometimes I even look around to see if anyone saw it but alas usually I am the only one who noticed.

This type of moment is possibly more important when you open a dictionary and land on the exact page you were looking for.

Side Note: Does anyone else find it kind of ironic that in order to look up the spelling for a particular word you need to refer to a book that list each word in alphabetical order – meaning that you need to know how to spell it, in order to find it? I mean if you didn’t know how to spell knife, how the hell would you find in under the letter K?

Another time this occurs is when you accidentally close your novel without placing your bookmark in, although when you randomly open it back up, it’s on the exact page you finished on. Phew!

Happy flicking!

Becstar x

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#60: Your Taxi driver is normal

#60: It makes my day when………...Your Taxi driver is normal
Travelling a lot for work this year has meant that I have been forced to rely heavily on public transport and taxi’s to get me around cities right across Australia. The unknown nature of whether the transport system will be working efficiently, whether I will get the right train, whether the traffic will be flowing or whether I will be able to squeeze on a packed inner city Sydney train gets me feeling very anxious every time.

However when I am standing in the taxi queue awaiting my next ride, my thoughts go directly to nature and craziness level of my potential driver.

And boy have I had some doozies already this year – drivers going through red lights, screaming down the phone, beeping incessantly or making me feel like I have ruined his day when telling him the location of my intended destination.

Therefore it sure is a good day when you get a “normal” driver. One who jumps out and helps you with your bags, nods along when you tell him of your destination and seems to know the way, accelerates and brakes smoothly, makes small talk when appropriate, does not yell or scream, has the radio on a good channel, does not need to stop for petrol and obeys all road rules (Well almost all of them).

Now for some of you this may not seem like a big deal but I tell you now, that these guys are a rare find and I have found myself heaping excessive praise on their driving skills simply because I never felt my life was in danger once during the trip.

I love people who do their job well and although they may not be really exceeding by simply following the road rules, they are well above the average by default due to all the other ‘less proficient’ drivers.

So in my eyes, that’s enough to get me excited and happily enjoying the trip.

Happy commuting!

Becstar x
                                     This lady taxi driver looks like she would be a winner!
                               She’s even labelled her taxi ‘The Happy Cab” – How sweet!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#59: The perfect coffee

#59: It makes my day when………... You get the perfect coffee.
I can sense that the coffee lovers out there are already nodding along & I don’t really need to say any more……you know exactly what I am talking about.

I am also just as sure that you all have your favourite places to grab a coffee, know the places to avoid or have perfected making your own. However I think there is still a sense of delight when you take the first few sips and you know you are on a winner.

Perhaps more exciting is when you are branching out into unfamiliar territory, unsure of the standard you will receive but if they do hit perfection, then you are elated.

I always know that I’m on a winner if I can start sipping straight away (therefore not burnt) and when I don’t need to add any sugar.

Mmmm…coffee! I have a self-imposed rule that I can’t have coffee after 2pm, otherwise I struggle to sleep, so I must end this post here as I have ½ hour to get another.

Happy caffeinating!

Becstar x

                                   A couple of pictures from my own personal collection.
                                  ABOVE: Dead Man Espresso – South Melbourne, VIC

                                           BELOW: Frasers Restaurant – Kings Park, WA

Monday, July 4, 2011

#58: First table to be called up at the buffet

#58: It makes my day when………... First table to be called up at the buffet
Oh I’m back to the joys of food and the excitement that comes from being around a buffet. I usually aim to avoid buffets due to my lack of self-control, especially around desserts but there is certainly a certain level of anxiety that I feel when it comes time to eat.

The traditional presence of buffets usually comes at large events, such as balls, weddings or conferences, which have usually involved a long day of proceedings with a distinct lack of opportunities to snack. So I often find that by the time we are ready to eat, I am constantly moaning “I’m starving” (Again this is not an uncommon phrase for me)

Therefore the tension and excitement that builds as you see the waitresses/chefs start to fill those trays is unnerving.

Your distance to the buffet can sometimes play to your advantage but I also find that your table number exhibits a high correlation to the order you will be served. Although I have been known to be sitting at table no.1 and not be served until near the end, so it’s just a lottery….

However the excitement and perhaps slight smugness that you feel when the waitress gives the magic wave to call you up is enough to warrant “Doh’s” from surrounding tables…..Winner, winner, chicken dinner for sure.

Happy eating!

Becstar x

Sunday, July 3, 2011

#57: You discover awesome new iphone Apps

#57: It makes my day when………...You discover awesome new iphone Apps
Searching for, downloading and updating new iphone Apps is one of those things that you always mean to do but just never get around to it.
It wasn’t until last week when a friend of mine, Lisa, pointed me to The Age’s “Top 100 Apps” article (see link here) that I finally took the time to have a look. I actually put aside time in my diary to ‘Research & download new apps” and I’m glad I did.
Some of the new Apps I love:
·         Age Face – I can’t remember laughing this hard in ages (pardon the pun) after transforming my families faces. Brilliant!  
·         TED – If you enjoy motivational speeches, then you can now be inspired anywhere, anytime!
·         Uno  - Loved playing this game during my childhood
·         Find My iPhone – Never lost a phone before but if I did, would be very handy to remotely erase all data.
·         AroundMe – Great for when you are constantly travelling or checking out new places.
·         Postino – Cool idea, take a picture & you can instantly create and send a postcard to your friends or family!
·         Viber – Send messages, pictures and make calls using data rather than your call charges.
So this week when I travelled up to Sydney on my own and had plenty of time to kill in taxis/planes and on the train, I was so pleased with myself that I had new apps to play with.

They also helped me find somewhere for dinner, record and remember important work notes, plan my travel on public transport and improve my general knowledge skills with some impromptu quiz questions.
What did we used to do without these things?

Any useful apps you have that we should all know about?

Happy downloading!

Becstar x