Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#66: You tick everything off your to-do list!

#66: It makes my day when…………..You tick everything off your to-do list!
If you are anything like me then you would list your hobbies as follows –
·        Hanging out with friends & family
·        Exercising
·        Travelling to new places
·        Making lists
My whole list is run on lists, what I need to do at work, how I run my social life & manage my relationships (Yes I have a list for who I need to call/contact each week), running errands, shopping lists, exercise schedules and so on…..
I usually end my work day but sitting down and writing out my schedule for the following day with all the things I need to do. I also have a whole set of rules about incomplete tasks & not being able to forward them more than 3 times but that’s a whole other story that is way too complicated to explain.
Anyway my point is that there are not many other things that can happen to me throughout the day that make me feel as satisfied as when I finally cross  that last task off my list (I have to manually cross out each line item, so I feel like I am achieving something) What a day’s it’s been when I have actually managed to cross off all 36 items which may include everything from ‘Tidying email inbox, preparing an invoice, calling my nanna, going to a gym class, paying a bill, putting on the slow cooker, painting my fingernails and catching up on my favourite blog’
Oh yeah, I put all sorts of things on my lists, some of which are even too embarrassing to put here. If someone ever stole my diary, they may be in for a laugh!
Writing the MMDW blog is usually the first thing on my weekday lists and you can tell it’s been a busy one when I am not posting the blog until 5.10pm Perth time! Whoops, only 11 items left on today’s list L

Happy list making!
Becstar x

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