Monday, July 25, 2011

#68: Your friends are truly happy!

#68: It makes my day when………….. Your friends are truly happy!
Last week I had the pleasure of a quick trip back to Perth for work, which I jumped at as it always a great chance to catch up with my lovely family & friends.
This is an even more special time to be coming back to see them at the moment, as there is so much going on with engagements, weddings and even the odd baby popping up (or out). At the moment these babies are only nieces & nephews but I am sure it is not long until we welcome one into our group of friends.
I have already flown back for 4 weddings this year (3 more to go) and luckily I have a cool boss who allowed me to tie this trip in with a good friend Rachel’s engagement party.
I also got to catch up with Shones, who was recently engaged and gossip with Anita & Kate who are in the midst of planning their December/January nuptials.
Add to this, we farewelled Emma who was off to Europe on a 5 week trip.
Wow! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. But the overwhelming feeling I had every time I walked away from seeing everyone was that everyone just seemed so happy, in a state of excitement with so many “I am so looking forward to….” or “I really can’t wait….” And this just made me so happy.
To see the people that I love so much, so happy & content was enough to make my day 10 times over. What a great feeling!
Happy days!
Becstar x
                 Some of my beautiful, happy friends at Janelle’s wedding a few years back!

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