Thursday, July 7, 2011

#61: You open to the exact page you need

#61: It makes my day when………... You open to the exact page you need
Okay this may seem trivial and like I am starting to struggle with ideas for this blog (I need 39 more ideas people, so send them to me at but this one has been quite relevant to me lately.

I have been working on some data checking for one of our large clients, which involves checking the reporting details of their injuries against the Australia Standards. The problem being the Australian Standard document is 291 pages long……

Out of these 200+ pages only about 8 are actually relevant to me and they are found around pages 29, 103, 147 and 171. I only occasionally need to reference these for the tricker cases but you can imagine the pleasure when I click the mouse halfway down the page bar and magically land on the exact page I was after.

Gold! Sometimes I even look around to see if anyone saw it but alas usually I am the only one who noticed.

This type of moment is possibly more important when you open a dictionary and land on the exact page you were looking for.

Side Note: Does anyone else find it kind of ironic that in order to look up the spelling for a particular word you need to refer to a book that list each word in alphabetical order – meaning that you need to know how to spell it, in order to find it? I mean if you didn’t know how to spell knife, how the hell would you find in under the letter K?

Another time this occurs is when you accidentally close your novel without placing your bookmark in, although when you randomly open it back up, it’s on the exact page you finished on. Phew!

Happy flicking!

Becstar x

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