Monday, July 4, 2011

#58: First table to be called up at the buffet

#58: It makes my day when………... First table to be called up at the buffet
Oh I’m back to the joys of food and the excitement that comes from being around a buffet. I usually aim to avoid buffets due to my lack of self-control, especially around desserts but there is certainly a certain level of anxiety that I feel when it comes time to eat.

The traditional presence of buffets usually comes at large events, such as balls, weddings or conferences, which have usually involved a long day of proceedings with a distinct lack of opportunities to snack. So I often find that by the time we are ready to eat, I am constantly moaning “I’m starving” (Again this is not an uncommon phrase for me)

Therefore the tension and excitement that builds as you see the waitresses/chefs start to fill those trays is unnerving.

Your distance to the buffet can sometimes play to your advantage but I also find that your table number exhibits a high correlation to the order you will be served. Although I have been known to be sitting at table no.1 and not be served until near the end, so it’s just a lottery….

However the excitement and perhaps slight smugness that you feel when the waitress gives the magic wave to call you up is enough to warrant “Doh’s” from surrounding tables…..Winner, winner, chicken dinner for sure.

Happy eating!

Becstar x

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