Sunday, July 10, 2011

#62: Unexpected free upgrade

#62: It makes my day when……….. Unexpected free upgrade
Oh this is a goodie….and the more unexpected the better.
Whether it be a free upgrade from a standard room to a pool view room, a free upgrade at car hire form a Getz to an Accord or even a free upgrade at Macca’s because you know the kid working at the drive through.
Getting something extra is always such a thrill for me.
Sometimes I think companies should offer less and then give more than people expect, as I know it would make me think higher of them.
The one elusive upgrade I am waiting for is the upgrade to Business Class on a long haul flight – maybe I’m dreaming but it ever happens, I will be smiling the entire way!
Happy times!
Becstar x

Left: Now this is how all plane travel should be - First Class on Emirates.

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