Monday, July 11, 2011

#63: The parking meter is out of order

#63: It makes my day when………….. The parking meter is out of order
If you are an avid reader of my blog (Hi mum!) you may well be aware that I really don’t enjoy paying fees to park my car. If you are a new reader, firstly welcome and to help you to understand the immense pleasure I get when I avoid having to pay parking fees, you may wish to click here, here and here.
So when I am required to buy a ticket, I reluctantly park my car, rummage through my console collecting all my loose change and then trudge my way over to the parking meter.
Then the sight I always welcome and I bet you can almost sense the exhilaration I feel when I see that the parking meter is out of order………..You litter ripper, I’ve just save myself $8 – I think I will shout myself a coffee and a muffin.
Or for those playing along at home in Sydney, this event has probably just saved you $88 and you have enough to shout yourself a new outfit. What a day!
Although beware readers……….Make sure you take a good look around and ensure that there are no other parking meters in sight, because I have known them to be ruthless and if you can see another meter you may want to hope that is out of order as well, otherwise you may be living on the edge by not getting a ticket. Although leaving a pretty note, explaining that the machine is busted can help your cause.
Happy frarking! (Free Parking)
Becstar x

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