Friday, May 27, 2011

#31: Parking spot right outside the front door.

#31: It makes my day when………... You get a parking spot right outside the front door.
Since today is what I like to call “Super Shopping Saturday” this post is quite appropriate. It most commonly occurs when entering into large shopping centre car parks, sporting events or when trying to find a park in the city centre.
On the approach to your destination you start to notice that plenty of people look as though they are all heading to the same place as you. You are still 800m away from your target location and already you can’t even see any free spots……this could be disastrous!
Maybe you will just do a quick lap past the entrance to see if you luck is on your side today, it couldn’t hurt right?
Then as you slowly creep past the entrance you suddenly spot the beacon that is the reverse lights of another car coming from the closest car park that you could of imagined…….Wohoo!!!!
You might then take a quick look around while smiling to see if anyone else witnessed your good fortune and give the exiting person the biggest wave you can, while turning into the spot with possibly your best parking manoeuvre of your driving career. (Imagine the magic if this coincided with #13)
I’ll also give double points to those of you playing along if this happens to you in the following circumstances:
·         You are running late;
·         You have no change and you score a parking spot which doesn’t require a ticket;
·         You nab a great spot at a large shopping centre in the 2 week prior to Christmas (Triple points for Christmas Eve);
·         Or at the shopping centre during the week of the post-Christmas sales.
Good luck getting your spot when you head out today. Think positive, it has to happen to someone…..
Happy parking!
Becstar x
Look at some of these awesome spots that other people have nabbe. This is what they had to say about their good fortune:
                           “I thought I was going to miss the boat, until I got this awesome park…..”

                           “I’m here to fix the roof tiles…..Couldn’t get a closer spot if I tried.”

 “So close to being late the Tree House AGM, lucky someone was reversing just as I got here”
                 “What a day to get such a close park, I really just needed to duck in to pick up some
bon bons for tomorrow’s Christmas celebrations”


“This new 2 storey car park is just so convenient”

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