Friday, May 13, 2011

#18: You find money in your jeans

#18: It makes my day when………..You find money in your jeans.
You put on your jeans that you haven’t worn in a while, pushing your hands into the pockets to ensure that the pocket creases disappears, when you feel something scratch your hand. It’s probably an old receipt or ticket, so you pull it out whilst promising yourself that after you finishing wearing these jeans today, you will make sure you put them through the wash.
Then WOHOO you scream as you feel like you’ve just won 5th division lotto when you see the cash in your hand.
I’m not sure why this one gets me so excited, considering that when this happens I am only finding my own money.
I don’t like to logically think about it rather thinking about what I am going to spend my latest fortune on……Coffee, a beer, dinner out, a new dress or maybe even a Porsche?
Perhaps I should even think about storing cash in my winter jackets as the weather starts to heat up, so that when winter rolls around again next year, at least I’ll have something to be excited about.
Happy days!
Becstar x

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