Sunday, May 29, 2011

#32: All green lights

#32: It makes my day when………... You get all green lights
Many of you I will imagine, drive the same route every work day, following the same roads and most likely getting caught at the same sets of traffic lights each day.
So how great is it when the stars align to ensure that you get a clean run and manage to out manoeuvre all the other drivers on the road.
Lucky you left exactly when you did, lucky you stopped for that takeaway coffee, lucky you brushed your teeth for exactly 2mins 19secs and lucky you didn’t stay at home to watch the entertainment news segment on Sunrise which seemed to be coming up after every ad break, as all these chosen actions set you on the path to driving nirvana.
I must admit though this kind of event is much more exhilarating on the return journey from work, as getting to work 15mins earlier than usual is not as exciting as getting home 15mins early and being able to enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time before the nightly activities begin.
Good luck on your journey today.
Happy travels!
Becstar x
Ps. This also applies to those travelling by foot, as the pedestrian crossings can take ages, so when they turn green on your approach you make involuntarily break into a small skip.

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