Thursday, May 5, 2011

#11: You get a double whammy of TV ads

#11 It makes my day when……….. You get a double whammy of TV ads
So hopefully you all know what I am talking about here? This is something that used to excite me more when I was a whipper snapper, back when my life was less complicated and my expectations for excitement were a little lower.
This is the moment when you are watching TV, the ads come on and in order to avoid them you switch channels to find exactly the same ad playing on another channel.
Okay, so it doesn’t sound like fun but trust me when it happens you may find yourself screaming “Double whammy, double whammy” and looking around your living room looking for some type of praise from your housemates.
It’s like you just discovered a pot of gold – okay well not that exciting but it’s about as happy as you will ever be about watching TV ads.
This also used to be a much rarer occurrence when your station choices were limited to channels 7, 9 & 10, rather than the abundance of channels that are now on offer.
Just you wait, the next time this happens to you, I promise that a big smile will come across your face and you'll be flicking back & forth to see many seconds they are apart.  
Happy viewing.
Becstar x

Ed’s Note: As I was typing this post, I seemed to recall a particularly exciting evening circa 1993 at home with the family on a Saturday evening watching Hey Hey when we were witness to a TRIPLE whammy. Now my memory is sketchy and I can’t remember whether this is a real memory or one that I dreamed about occurring but either way, imagine what an overwhelming time this would have been. WOW, gets me pumped just thinking about it.

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