Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#24: Someone unexpectedly remembers your name

#24: It makes my day when………..Someone unexpectedly remembers your name
Now I’ve been saving this one for a while, as I think it one of the best yet. It may not seem so at first but the internal delight that you feel when someone unexpectedly remembers your name is very powerful.
Whether it be your local coffee man, who after weeks of you ordering the same coffee and giving your name every day, suddenly says “Morning Bec, how are you today?”
or whether you are at a party mingling with a number of different people, then at the end of the night someone who you spoke with hours earlier, pops up and says ‘Seeya Bec, really nice to have met you”
or during the first few weeks of a new job, one of the bosses who you only meet briefly during orientation walks into the lunch room and says “Hi Rebecca, how are you settling in?”
No matter what the situation or who you are speaking to, we all like the sound of hearing our own name being said out loud. I think that is why I am always super impressed by those people who remember my name, especially if I have forgotten theirs.
It makes you feel special, as it seems as though they have gone out of their way to think about you and for some reason this makes you feel more important than the day before when you were just being called “Mate”, “Love” or even worse, nothing at all.
The more respect you have for the person or the more removed you are from them (ie. You don’t see them very often or have just met them) is also directly proportional to the buzz you get. Just imagine the excitement you would get if you randomly bumped into Oprah or Richard Branson and they knew your name!!!!
So next time you are meeting someone for the first time, a new person starts at your work or even if you get a random call from someone on the phone, do your best to remember their name & insert it back into the conversation and if it was me you were talking to, then I’d think you were super cool. (Although if you are actually reading this, I already think you’re super cool J)
Happy Thursday.
Becstar x

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