Sunday, May 15, 2011

#21: You see someone famous

#21: It makes my day when………..You spot someone famous
Okay so I am hoping that I am not the only one here who gets a bit excited when they spot someone famous, even if they are only a D grade celebrity and their only claim to fame was being on Big Brother or reading the Perth nightly news.
It’s like you are playing the ultimate game of Where’s Wally, just going about your daily business when you spot someone who looks familiar. Before you know it your brain has recognised who they are and you are whispering to whoever you are with “Hey look it’s Alf from Home & Away”.
You can’t help but keep an eye on them and check out what they have put in their shopping trolley. “Wow, Alf prefers Kleenex and is buying home-brand flour, maybe they don’t get paid millions to be on H&A?”
I bet even if you aren’t totally agreeing with today’s post, that the next time you spot someone famous, you will tell at least 3 people about it. It’s usually out of the ordinary, so that’s got to make it a bit exciting right?
Since moving to Melbourne and spending so much time in the Melbourne & Sydney Qantas Club lounges, celebrity spotting become a common occurrence. Nowadays if I don’t see someone from the TV in there, I get a bit underwhelmed.
I don’t really know why they excite me and why I want to check out what they are doing. They seem to just be normal people who happen to just get filmed doing their job. Personally I would find it rather annoying if someone filmed me at my work all day & probably even more annoying that when I wasn’t working people stared at me everywhere I went.
So from now on I’m going to try and play it cool. I’ll just secretly smile to myself and if I really need to monitor their movements, I’ll do my best surveillance from behind a newspaper (That’s how they go undetected right?)
Happy spotting!
Becstar x

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