Monday, May 23, 2011

#28: Your hair sits perfectly

#28: It makes my day when………... Your hair sits perfectly.
I am sure we all have these days when we get out of bed, seem to do nothing out of the ordinary, start to get ready for work, school, mothers group, the gym or wherever…..and just like that, the hair fairies descend down on us and your hair just looks GREAT!
Now I am not the girliest of girls and tend not to spend hours in front of the mirror blow drying my hair at 5am each morning. In fact my hair tends to sit straighter when I simply leave it to dry naturally, well sometimes……..Other times it likes to rebel against me and give me a weird kick or sit so flat it looks like I just got out of bed (and not in that sexy ‘just got out of bed look’ more of the “I passed out on my left side and have not moved for 12 hours’ look)
So I tend to get pretty pumped up and proud of myself, when my hair just seems to pull itself together and sit perfectly. It does great things for the self-esteem also.
Team this with Blog Post #17: You receive unexpected positive feedback from a friend about how great your hair looks and your day just went from GOOD to FABULOUS!
I’m off to get ready for a couple of work meetings and fingers crossed that today is one of these days.
Happy Hairstyling!
Becstar x

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