Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#16: A new checkout line opens and you are first to be called over.

#16: It makes my day when………..A new checkout line opens and you are first to be called over.
Oh this is a good one, especially when you are in a rush. You pop into the supermarket quickly to simply grab some milk and the queue is at least 5 deep with everyone ahead looking like they are stocking up for a year – I mean how many tins of beetroot does one really need?
You think about switching to another queue but your hesitation sees someone else join that line. Then all of a sudden you hear (or if you are really on the ball you see) a checkout angel who says “Excuse me, would you like to come over here?”
“Oh yes I would!” It’s like they deliberately chose you out of the line, so you scoot over to be the first person in the new line. Then before you know it you have paid and you are walking out of the store, smiling at your good fortune.
If you are a bit cheeky, you may even look over your shoulder and see the poor people still stuck behind the beetroot hoarder. Note: If you do this, try not to look too smug!
Happy shopping!
Becstar x
                              I wonder if famous people get called up to new checkout more often?
                                            Mr Obama looks pretty pleased with himself.

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