Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#33: Your own TV screen on the plane

#33: It makes my day when………... You get your own TV screen on the plane.
Since I am in the air flying again (Today’s destination is my hometown Perth) and hence typing this from the plane, I thought it was appropriate that today’s post be something that happened to me only hours ago. If you follow me on twitter (@Bec_Halliday) you will know that I was pumped when it happened!
So I am positive that everyone who steps on a plane has an underlying desire for their plane to have the luxury that is their own TV screens. I mean that’s the only thing that goes through your mind as you wait in the queue to board right? Or is that just me?
The thought of being able to pick and choose whatever you want to watch, when you want to watch it and have a quick nap whenever you wish to pause the screen makes flying just so much more tolerable.
Due to the frequency of my flights this year I am quite aware when booking flights, which model aircrafts in the Qantas fleet have this service, but it is still a gamble and I walk onto the plane crossing my fingers every time.
I’d even give up having the whole row to myself in order to have the screen, so I don’t have to watch some boring movie that they play on the flight because no-one was watching it at the movies.
SIDE NOTE: However it does also make my day when although you don’t have your own screen, instead they screen an awesome movie that you have been wanting to see for ages. Score!
However today I didn’t have to worry about making that choice because as well as having our own screens, I enjoyed a spare seat next to me. How lucky am I???? Today is going to be awesome!
Happy flying!
Becstar x

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