Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#34: You find the lost sock

#34: It makes my day when………..You find the lost sock
Now I’m not really one for conspiracy theories but if I had to believe one, it would be that sock manufacturers and washing machine companies (I’m looking at you Westinghouse) have been working together for years to create small compartments at the back of washing machines that store and then destroy one sock from each pair during the wash cycle. Anyone with me?
There has been more than one occasion where I have collated 20+ odd socks and have spent much more time than I should admit trying to identify where they could be hiding. If any innate object could enter the “Hide & Seek” World Championships, then socks would have keys and phone easily covered.
Therefore you can imagine my relief each time I unload the washing machine and discover that each pair has a partner. However, what really gets me pumped is when I find the lost sock of a pair that I know have been missing for quite a while.
Let me tell you the story of my latest lost sock. Those of you who have been reading for a while and studying the list may remember post #1: New sock day. Now one of the reasons I started the blog because I was so excited to be wearing my latest pair of new socks, which were good quality ones with the logo of my cycling club the South Perth Rouleurs. Oh they felt so good, so tight on my foot and I was so pumped that I started a whole blog about it……
Then disaster struck I only wore those socks once and then lefty disappeared on me. Oh the disappointment I felt, as I searched everywhere for him, which I last wore over #33 posts ago. Every time I when to choose a pair of socks to wear, I would see Righty staring up at me looking so lonely and I felt huge pangs of disappointment.
Then to my utter amazement, the unthinkable happened. I was cleaning out my sock/undies area in the cupboard when I spotted a crisp clean looking white sock under one of my scarves…..Could it be? I was almost too scared to look but built up the courage and then it happened……I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!
YEEHAHHHHHh I yelled, as Matt looked up from his computer to see what the hell was going on, as if I had just found a $10,000 cash prize. Well to me it felt like it and I quickly changed my footwear to boots, just so I could wear the socks. What a find!
I hope this gets you as excited as me, otherwise I am starting to sound a bit pathetic…..Please comment to tell me I am not alone…….
Happy feet!
Becstar x
                                                              The socks in question…..

                                                  Oh look, she found her fave yellow socks!


  1. I would get excited too!! I have 2 drawers - one for darks and one for lights - of odd socks, I wait for about a year hoping that their mates will turn up - sometimes I am so lucky. Then Out they go and in another couple months thos drawers are almost full again.


  2. Oh Marian, I am so excited to hear that and it seems you have the quite the system going.
    Since these my socks seem to disappear into thin air I wouldn't be suprised if your draw had some of my odd socks in it. :)
    Now we just need to find something to do with all these odds socks.
    Thanks for reading!