Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#23: You press the elevator button & the doors open immediately

#23: It makes my day when………..You press the elevator button & the doors open immediately.
So today’s post will be more common for some than others dependant on where you live, work or socialise and the frequency of your need to use an elevator.
I currently live on the 14th floor of an 22 storey building, so I roll the dice everyday with the chance of this occurring and sadly it can be a big moment of excitement, especially when you are returning home, busting for the toilet and every second waiting for the elevator counts. (Sidenote: Why is it that the closer to home you get, the more busting you become?)
Those who work in high rise buildings will hopefully be nodding along, agreeing that if you press the button for the elevator and the doors immediately open, it excites you – even if just a little.
This is quite common when you are on the ground wanting to go up, but the game doubles in excitement stakes if you are on your level (ie. My 14th floor) wanting to go to ground & the door instantly open. It’s like the elevator anticipated your desire to travel downwards and was waiting there for you. Well that’s what I like to think anyway!
Hopefully next time you travel in a lift and the doors part ways instantly for you, smile a little and enjoy the ride.
Happy travels.
Becstar x
                                               Maybe if my elevator doors had cool pictures
                                                like this on them, I wouldn’t mind waiting?

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