Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#29: You see yourself on TV

#29: It makes my day when………... You see yourself on TV.
In honour of my appearance on ‘Deal or No Deal’ yesterday, today’s post is all about the split second where you see yourself on TV.
Now I’m not talking about being on a game show or even hosting the show, I’m talking about the times when you are out at a public event, such as a Fun Run or community fair, the cameras are there and then later that evening you are watching the news and your pretty face appears on the screen for half a second.
Usually invisible to anyone but yourself, you are suddenly turning around and screaming to anyone around you, ‘Did you see that? I was just on the TV’
This also occurs when you are present at a live sporting match or event, then you get home in time to catch the replay on TV. I bet you all secretly spend more time searching the faces in the crowd whenever the camera pans out, as opposed to watching the event – I mean you’ve seen it all before anyway!
This happened to me this year at the Anzac Day March. I stood there clapping along for 2 hours, then later that night I saw myself clapping along on the Channel 7 news. Sadly I was home by myself and had no-one to tell, so I rang Matt but as soon as it started ringing I really questioned why it was so exciting???
I suppose it’s just something that doesn’t happen every day? Who knows?
So I’ll be looking forward to the ‘Deal or No Deal’ episode which will be screened sometime in the next 2 months. I even get a speaking part in this one, so that has to be bonus points?
Happy viewing!
Becstar x
                                 Federer: OMG! Did you just see me on the big screen????

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