Friday, May 13, 2011

#19: The person who you were about to contact, contacts you first

#19: It makes my day when………..The person who you were about to contact, contacts you first
This is something that I had to post today, as it has been happening to me all week, making me smile and ensuring that I repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly) say ‘I can’t believe that just happened’.
For those of you who have read “The Secret” you may know what I am talking about, in that if you repeatedly visualise someone calling you or sending you an email or anything else for that matter, then the book says it will come true.
Well it sounds like a bit far fetched right? Well I am starting to become a believer.
3 instances of this happening this week, may convince you otherwise –
·         I have been dealing with a large national company at work since Feb. They were super keen to do business but I hadn’t heard from them in a while. They are based in Sydney and I had a free day on Thursday up there, so I repeatedly said to my boss that I should try to arrange a meeting. Then Wed arvo, I called my contact but it went straight to message back and as the message said she was on the phone. I didn’t leave a message, so I could call back. I got distracted and about 1 hour later, I started to type an email to my contact. I typed in her address, then wrote Hi Kathryn………then guess what! She sent me an email, asking to meet up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you freaking out? I was! I hadn’t spoken to her for over 6 weeks and she wanted to meet with me again. So I called her straight away, we set up a meeting for the next morning and the outcome was AWESOME!

·         A very similar thing then happened on Friday arvo. I had a client who I needed to follow up and I had written their name down and circled it to follow up. Unfortunately I got held up with other things and it got to 5pm Friday and I thought ‘It’s too late now, I’ll just leave it to Monday’ Then at 5.14pm, I received an email from that very client, one who I hadn’t spoken to in 3 weeks, to say that they wanted to proceed with our system……Are you freaken kidding me???????????????? STOKED!

·         The last one is not quite as specific, but perhaps the most exciting. About 2 months ago, Matt and I auditioned for a TV game show. It went really well and we were sure they would call us. Then we heard nothing and kind of forgot about it as they said it could take 12 months to be called, if at all.  But then this week I made a decision to focus on getting a call up and guess what? It happened on FRIDAY. We are set to go to a recording day Wednesday 25th May and the studio where they film is in the building opposite our apartment. CRAZY!
This same process works with social relationships. Have you ever been randomly thinking about someone from your past, who you haven’t seen in ages, then within the next week you bump into them at the shopping centre?
Anyway, this has been quite a long post and I don’t want to harp on but I must empathise the power of positive thinking. If you think I’m talking crap then no worries but give it a go and you’ll be surprised by what happens.
Happy Saturday!
Becstar x
Ps. I just need to start really focusing on receiving that $1,000,000.00 cheque in the mail. However considering how excited I get when some of these minor things happen, I would probably die of shock if this one came true. J


  1. What's the game show? What's the game show!

  2. I'd tell you but then I may not get on, so I'll keep it under wraps for a bit longer.
    Hopefully I'll be able to talk after filming next Wednesday.
    Hint: It is a Channel 7 show.