Sunday, May 22, 2011

#27: It's fresh sheet day

#27: It makes my day when………... It's fresh sheet day.
I’m starting my week being super productive and before the work day started I’ve already crossed off a few of my tasks which includes getting through a large amount of washing that was neglected on the weekend. This brings me to today’s post, which is getting excited about having fresh, clean sheets.
Embarrassingly, this doesn’t happen to me as often as I would have hoped but when it does, it’s just so nice to get into bed when the sheets are pulled tightly and feel super smooth. If anyone out there irons their sheets before they put them back on the bed, then double points to you. That’s dedication!
Taking it up another level is the possession of brand new sheets, fresh out of the packet. This is usually more exciting because if you are like me you will most likely spend an extra 15mins making the bed, trying to have it look like it could be photographed for the Beds Plus catalogue.
But oh the delight, when you get into bed that night – that is after you have neatly stacked the 15 decorative cushions into the corner of the room……….
I will certainly be looking forward to getting into bed tonight!
Happy dreams!
Becstar x
                                             Hands up if you love a decorative cushion or 10???

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