Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#89: You notice the seasons change

#89: It makes my day when…………..You notice the seasons change

Welcome to spring! Or for my Northern Hemisphere readers, say goodbye to summer (sorry that was cruel, I feel your pain)

Today it is obvious that the seasons are changing, my Twitter and Facebook feeds have been overwhelmed by people telling winter to “P*ss off” and perhaps rightly so. But I’m so excited about today, as I’m not talking about the actual date of season changeover that gets me excited.

I’m talking about the moments that happened a few weeks ago, when I noticed that it was dramatically lighter in the mornings, when the sun was shining more days than it was cloudy, when I got minor sunburn at the footy and/or when I got out for a ride and I wasn’t required to wear my arm/leg warmers.

For a friend of mine who lives in the country, she said she recently noticed it was getting warmer, as she only wore a scarf twice that week after months of not going outside without one on. I am sure you all have little things that you notice or should notice that lets you know that warmer weather is on its way.
Bright sunny days make me happy so knowing that there are plenty of them right around the corner is enough to get me excited.

Happy spring!

Becstar x

Monday, August 29, 2011

#88: Your inbox is full of personal emails

#88: It makes my day when………….. Your inbox is full of personal emails

If you are anything like me, you work world revolves around Outlook and the receipt and sending of emails….I couldn’t count how many I deal with on a daily basis and to be honest I don’t think I want to know.

Although I am quite strict about how I deal with my emails, making sure that I file them away once dealt with and try to keep my inbox down to a minimal amount, which hence means that I am up to date. Current count = 17, a bit disappointing as I like to keep in single figures.

However take me away from the office for a few days or even a few hours and I will most certainly come back to fresh emails and a full list of things I need to attend to, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Now don’t get me wrong sometimes the emails are great, with clients praising us or telling us they want to come on board with our great systems but the most excited I get when checking my emails is when I see an inbox full of emails from family & friends…….

Isn’t it just like the new way of receiving hand written letters? Certainly nowhere near as romantic but still nice. (For those really young readers of mine who are struggling to comprehend what email is all about, you probably understand this concept more when you receive facebook notifications)

I love the days when the email banter is rife between my girlfriends and I have to scroll through the 15 one-lined emails to understand the joke. Or the random out of the blue ‘how are you?’ emails from more distant friends or even really good email forwards that make you smile and remind you that some else has thought of you.
Whatever it may be these emails certainly shine through from work related emails and make me smile.

Happy emailing!

Becstar x

Thursday, August 25, 2011

#87: When you make someone else’s day

#87: It makes my day when…………..When you make someone else’s day

Doesn’t it just make your day when…..someone else says to you “Well, you’ve just made my day!” You still with me or slightly confused?

As much as all of the last 86 posts make my day, this one would have to be up there with the best of them. All because whatever actions completed or words spoken you will not only make another person’s day even better but in return when they show their gratitude and tell you so, it will also make your day. Double whammy!

I had a client ask me to do something yesterday that I completed for them in less than 5 minutes as I was bored with the task I was doing. They were so grateful and told me exactly how helpful my quick response has been, so consequently by making them happy, they had done the same for me. I was pretty chuffed with myself and my motivation skyrocketed.

So if the lovely lady in the supermarket with the trolley piled high lets you in front to pay for your one banana, make sure you sincerely tell her how happy you are for that gesture and she will feel great too. Pay it forward!

Happy Friday!

Becstar x

 Ps. Thanks to all my lovely readers who have told me that the MMDW Blog makes their day because that was the main inspiration for today’s post. I don’t get sick of hearing that people are enjoying it. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#86: The perfect night’s sleep

#86: It makes my day when…………..You get the perfect night’s sleep

Oh the joy of waking up feeling completely rested, ready to tackle the day full steam ahead.

You’ve just had a great night’s rest after falling asleep in mere seconds, you feel as though you hardly moved, you didn’t have to get up to go to the toilet and you even woke up naturally before your alarm went off.

I must admit that these morning moments are pretty rare for me and not many mornings go past when I don’t wake up to an alarm (Especially since starting Operation Rise Early – where for those interested my performance sits at over 80%)

When it does happen I feel such a sense of achievement that I have really performed during the night, giving my best effort at a great night’s sleep. I just wish I knew how I did it, so that I could relive the glory every morning as I woke up, so I could start the day on such a positive note.

Happy resting!

Becstar x

Monday, August 22, 2011

#85: A stranger says hello

#85: It makes my day when…………..A stranger says hello

One of the simplest things that you can do is simply mutter the words ‘hello’ to someone else walking by, isn’t it? Then why is it so rare?

At least the rarity makes its occurrence so much more exciting, joyous even when it does happen!

Living in an apartment building where lift travel with strangers is unavoidable, I used to say hello if I was entering the lift and someone else was already in there but I will admit that I soon became despondent as others did not acknowledge my existence as they entered. So it is to great delight when someone jumps in and says hello and we enjoy a quick 20 second conversation about the weather, the annoying lift announcer’s voice or whatever they or I may be holding at the time.

I know of a few people (myself included) who have entertained themselves during their morning exercise routines by playing the ‘hello’ game, where you say hello to everyone who you walk past and see how many respond. It still astounds me that the outcome is often less than 50% - I mean why would you not reply?

However the reluctance of some to acknowledge your existence just adds to the excitement that comes when a lovely stranger unexpectedly throws a chirpy “Hello” your way. It always makes me smile and I walk away pleasantly surprised.

When was the last time you said ‘hello’ to a stranger? Don’t be shy, you could just be turning someone else’s day around.

Happy greetings!

Becstar x

Sunday, August 21, 2011

#84: You wear new clothes for the first time

#84: It makes my day when………….. You wear new clothes for the first time

In honour of my very successful shopping expedition on Saturday (2 dresses, a jacket, a skirt and a new handbag in under 2 hours), todays’ post is really all about looking & feeling good, which ultimately helps improve your mood & make your day.

Buying new clothes is always exciting but what’s even better is wearing them for the first time. Hopefully they fit perfectly, there are no stains, they are crease-free and they give you a nice boost of confidence.

What’s even better is when your ultra-observant and lovely friends notice your new outfit and compliment you on it or perhaps what’s even more exciting is when a total stranger or new acquaintance does so.

 It’s enough to have you rushing out to the shops again so you can wear a new outfit every day – now wouldn’t that be the life?

Happy shopping!

Becstar x
I would have loved to post a picture of my new dresses but in case any of my friends see this, then they wouldn’t be a surprise.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

#83: The daily special is your favourite flavour

#83: It makes my day when………….. The daily special is your favourite flavour

Doesn’t it feel like the chefs have decided upon today’s menu, just for you?
Don’t you just want to yell out a big “YESSSSS!!!!!” as soon as you see the specials board?

Well whenever the daily special happens to be my favourite on the exact day that I go to the café/restaurant then I like to think it is good karma for being so awesome!

My preferred favourites include:
·        Muffin of the day: Raspberry & White Choc or/ Orange & Poppyseed (Too hard to choose  just one)
·        Soup of the day: Pumpkin
·        Pie of the day: Steak & mushroom
·        Beer of the week: Corona (with lime)

What are your favourites?

I hope lady luck is on your side today!

Happy eating!

Becstar x

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#82: You get new sneakers

#82: It makes my day when…………..You get new sneakers

Aaaaaaahhhhh doesn’t it feel great? Your feet feel so snug and comfortable, like they have just stepped into their own comfty bed. They will never want to leave, so it’s too bad that the sneakers, stocking & work skirt trend just never took off.

The bliss you feel makes wonder why you have been putting up with the old, dirty, worn out trainers for so long when you could have been in foot heaven. Silly girl!

Then to take it up a notch, combine new sneakers with #1: New sock day and you will be so excited you will probably end up jogging for a ridiculous distance together just so that you can all bond.

But reader beware: Too much of anything is never good and the ecstasy of new sneakers can be ruined by the introduction of NSBS (New Sneaker Blister Syndrome) if you do not introduce them gradually into your life. Plus the feeling usually only lasts for 1-2 weeks so make sure you savoir every minute, this is a great time to be active!

Happy feet!

Becstar x
                     My favourite sneakers at the moment – not for exercising but they look cool.

Monday, August 15, 2011

#81: You successfully get up early

#81: It makes my day when………….. You successfully get up early.

Can you sense a sleep theme creeping into the blog?

As I mentioned yesterday I am on a special mission ‘Operation Rise Early’ to change my body clock and start getting up every morning before 6.30am. My theory is that I will be able to fit more into every day, even if I have to take a sneaky nap every now & then.

One of the hidden gems of this operation is the sense of happiness and achievement I have felt when I have got myself up and out of bed on time. I am a big fan of sleeping in whenever possible but I always feel so guilty that I have wasted time that could have otherwise been spent achieving something.

This morning I felt so proud of myself when I dragged my exhausted self out of bed, even if it was only initially to the couch while I drank my coffee before heading down to the gym. Then after 45mins in the gym I was feeling totally energised and quite happy with myself that I did it. The easy option would have been just to sleep in for another hour, no-one would have known except me.

This sense of excitement is usually heightened when you don’t actually ‘have’ to get up but make the conscious decision to do so. But if you want to congratulate yourself for simply getting out of bed to get to school/work/uni on time, then good on you.  

Happy rising!

Becstar x

Sunday, August 14, 2011

#80: You get to take an afternoon nap.

#80: It makes my day when………….. You get to take an afternoon nap.

Woah, I can’t believe it has taken me 80 posts to blog about this one – it has to be one of my all-time favourites. There aren’t too many simply pleasures in life that I enjoy more than an afternoon nap.

I had to really think about the last time I indulged, as they have become left frequent these days without the excessive training but then I remembered back to a lazy Sunday afternoon only 2 weeks ago that I enjoyed a 45min kip in the warmth of my doona. (Incidentally I had run 16km that morning, hence the need for extra sleep)

At night I really struggle to get to sleep and it usually takes me at least an hour before I nod off but put me down for an afternoon nap and I’ll be zonked out within 10. I also feel like it’s a better quality sleep and sometimes it splits the day up so much that you feel like you’ve had 2 days for the price of one.

The ‘nap’ phenomenon could come in handy this week for me as I embark on what I am calling “Operation Rise Early” where I am getting myself out of bed every day before 6.30am. Now before you all scoff that this is not so early, I agree for most that isn’t but when you work from home & it takes you 5 steps to get to your desk, there is no huge need to get up super early. However I am determined to get more out of my day & this morning I got up, had coffee, checked social media, exercised for ½ hour, did the dishes, ate brekkie, paid a bill and was still at the ‘office’ by 8am. My reward for the lifestyle change is that as long as I get up early, I can take a 30min nap if required. Best bit is that I’ll still be 1-2 hours ahead – how clever am I?

I hope you all get to welcome a nap into your day sometime soon……..

Happy napping!

Becstar x
                     Wouldn’t it be great to go back to kindergarten & enjoy ‘Nap Time’ every day?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

#79: A work friend becomes an out of work friend

#79: It makes my day when…………..A work friend becomes an out of work friend.

Warning: this process can be awkward and laden with anxiety over whether the other person likes you as much as you do them. It feels a bit high school but the rewards are worth the gamble as the relationship grows.

It's all about the first time you catch up with your work colleague outside of work and I'm not talking about at Friday arvo drinks or the work Xmas do. This is the time when the two of you arrange to meet up exclusively, outside of work hours and you do not discuss work (except maybe to bitch about the annoying guy in accounts).

You will have traded mobile numbers, discussed each other’s romantic relationships (past or present) or undertaken activities that you usually do with your besties. The true test of whether your friendship has taken the next step will be how they next introduce you. If they simply say ‘This is my friend Bec’ without any reference to your work, you will struggle to hide the smile and excitement you feel. You did it!

This situation isn't confined to work relationships; it may be with a sports teammate, your client or even your hairdresser. I'm currently working on converting my gym class buddy into a normal friend. Just because you found this awesome person in an unconventional social setting, don't let it ruin the start of a great bond.

Happy hunting!

Becstar x

#78: The car is full of petrol.

#78: It makes my day when..........................The car is full of petrol.

Oh gosh, I really dislike getting fuel. Really, really dislike it - to the point where I verbally make anyone else in the car very aware of this fact. 

My dislike is possibly misplaced as it's not that hard but it just one of those mundane jobs that i feel is a waste of time. I remember back when I was younger that a small servo near our house had attendants who filled up for you while you sat there. So maybe this would be more my style but even then it's still a waste of 10mins, especially as you aren't supposed to be on your phone.

Anyway I digress. For those of you who have your own car that only you drive, then this may not really apply and if it did you may be freaked out. I once had someone siphon fuel from my first car but it would be mighty impressive if a stranger actually filled her up for you...

In Melbourne I share a car with my boyfriend and so whenever I jump in & see a full tank, I am overly excited. The prospect of not having to stop for fuel is almost enough to have me pump my fist in the air and let you a big 'Yes'.

Living in inner city Melbourne we hardly ever drive, so we really only have the need to refuel every 3-4 weeks and I think I've avoided the local Caltex for over 2 months now.

I have definitely noticed a increase in my mood while driving  of this. Let's hope he is ready this and the run continues.

Happy driving!

Becstar x

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#77: Deadlines are unexpectedly extended

#77: It makes my day when…………..Deadlines are unexpectedly extended.
Depending on what type of person you are, you will love this or hate this one. I confess that I am the type of person that does assignments at the last minute. I have spent many nights up until 2am finishing assignments before the next day deadline. Rather than you think that I am unorganised, I would prefer you think that I thrive more under pressure.
However I still get totally amped when I find out that a deadline has been extended. It may be for an assignment or these days it is more likely to be a tender submission at work or simply an extension for mundane task that needs to be completed.
Doesn’t this make you happy?
Even though getting an extension may not mean that I complete the task any sooner than the day before it is due (Like I said I thrive on pressure) it does mean that I get to have a few more stress free nights.
Happy times!
Becstar x

Sunday, August 7, 2011

#76: You and your friends arrive at exactly the same time

#76: It makes my day when………….. You and your friend arrive at exactly the same time.
Ahhhhh… get to avoid the awkwardness of entering the bar and doing a few laps to search for your friends or even worse standing alone. But imagine how people back in the old days must have felt when they couldn’t even take out their mobile phone & pretend to message/call someone so it actually looked like you have friends.
Note: Beware though if you are doing the fake phone call to check on your friends whereabouts, make sure your phone is on silent, because if it happens to ring – you will look the fool.
The excitement of this moment is multiplied if you are going somewhere for the first time or are running late and therefore don’t feel so bad, as your friend obviously was too.
You also get to use the great line “Well that was perfect timing!” and you start of your catch up on a positive note. You must be ‘meant’ to be friends when your worlds are this synched.
Happy arrivals!
Becstar x

Thursday, August 4, 2011

#75: You take the perfect picture.

#75: It makes my day when…………..You take the perfect picture.
Now I’m not just talking about finally getting the angle right on the gold old “arm’s length shot of you and your friends at a concert”. I’m talking about when you take a picture that is good enough quality that you will take the effort to print it out and perhaps pop it into a frame.
You may also judge the quality of the photo by whether it makes it way to being your desktop background or for the younger generations out there – whether or not you have just found your latest Facebook Profile Picture.
The picture may be great for a number of reasons, including:
·        Everyone is finally looking at the camera and smiling,
·        You personally look really great;
·        The scenery is amazing;
·        The photo captures the mood of the time & has you smiling when you think back.
Whatever it is, whenever I take an amazing photo or am tagged in a photo of others that is amazing, it totally makes my day.
Happy snapping!
Becstar x
                     Here are my two latest ‘amazing photos’ that have made it to my computer desktops.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#74: You find a shortcut in Excel/Word/Pages that you will use every day going forward

#74: It makes my day when………….. You find a shortcut in Excel/Word/Pages that you will use every day going forward.
This is one of those bitter-sweet moments where you are torn between being super excited about your discovery but also being slightly annoyed at all the time you could have saved if you had known this shortcut 5 years earlier. Imagine how much more impressive your uni assignments could have been……..
I am sure this must happen to people every day, when you suddenly figure out a quicker way to search/sort data, an easier way to format pictures in word documents or perhaps even just learning to create a formula in excel. Whatever your level of proficiency with these programs, I am sure that there is always more to learn.
My latest discovery has been ‘Conditionally Formatting” in excel which has come in handy on more than one occasion. I love to colour code my documents and this functionality selects all the fields with the same values & highlights them in a nice ‘pink’ for me. Brilliant!
I suppose I could create more of these moments by doing a course of these programs to learn more but perhaps that would take the fun out of “discovering it” for myself. It’s like a nerdy treasure hunt with the reward being enough free time for an extra coffee break (or perhaps just fitting in more work!).
Happy hunting!
Becstar x

Monday, August 1, 2011

#73: You find awesome clothes in your wardrobe you forgot you owned.

#73: It makes my day when………….. You find awesome clothes in your wardrobe you forgot you owned.
Happens to me all the time! And I think it makes me more excited that when I actually purchased the item in the first place because it’s like getting a new outfit without having to pay! Brilliant!
Perhaps it’s my distinct lack of desire to do any ironing that leads to me to the discovery of ‘new clothes’ when I finally have a spare 5 hours to get to the bottom of the basket. They could have been there for months years before I finally rediscover them but I like to think it’s a reward for finally doing my unwanted chores.
Or sometimes it occurs at the start of a new season, when you rediscover a cool skirt that you brought early last summer but had completely forgotten about and only stumbled across when searching the back of the drawer for your trusty boardies after a long, comfort eating winter!
The ultimate though is when you find a beautiful dress that you had forgotten you owned at crisis time when you have a big event to attend & just couldn’t find ‘anything’ in the ‘real’ stores. You take one last look in your wardrobe after conceding you will have to wear “Miss faithful LBD” when you see a glimpse of the beautiful floral Cooper Street dress that you only even wore once to your long lost cousins engagement before FB was invented meaning there are no tagged pictures/evidence of your wearing it & everyone commented on how lovely it was. Gasp! Amazing!
Happy shopping! (In your own wardrobe)
Becstar x
                                     I bet Carrie would have had moments like this ‘all the time’!