Thursday, August 11, 2011

#78: The car is full of petrol.

#78: It makes my day when..........................The car is full of petrol.

Oh gosh, I really dislike getting fuel. Really, really dislike it - to the point where I verbally make anyone else in the car very aware of this fact. 

My dislike is possibly misplaced as it's not that hard but it just one of those mundane jobs that i feel is a waste of time. I remember back when I was younger that a small servo near our house had attendants who filled up for you while you sat there. So maybe this would be more my style but even then it's still a waste of 10mins, especially as you aren't supposed to be on your phone.

Anyway I digress. For those of you who have your own car that only you drive, then this may not really apply and if it did you may be freaked out. I once had someone siphon fuel from my first car but it would be mighty impressive if a stranger actually filled her up for you...

In Melbourne I share a car with my boyfriend and so whenever I jump in & see a full tank, I am overly excited. The prospect of not having to stop for fuel is almost enough to have me pump my fist in the air and let you a big 'Yes'.

Living in inner city Melbourne we hardly ever drive, so we really only have the need to refuel every 3-4 weeks and I think I've avoided the local Caltex for over 2 months now.

I have definitely noticed a increase in my mood while driving  of this. Let's hope he is ready this and the run continues.

Happy driving!

Becstar x

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