Sunday, August 7, 2011

#76: You and your friends arrive at exactly the same time

#76: It makes my day when………….. You and your friend arrive at exactly the same time.
Ahhhhh… get to avoid the awkwardness of entering the bar and doing a few laps to search for your friends or even worse standing alone. But imagine how people back in the old days must have felt when they couldn’t even take out their mobile phone & pretend to message/call someone so it actually looked like you have friends.
Note: Beware though if you are doing the fake phone call to check on your friends whereabouts, make sure your phone is on silent, because if it happens to ring – you will look the fool.
The excitement of this moment is multiplied if you are going somewhere for the first time or are running late and therefore don’t feel so bad, as your friend obviously was too.
You also get to use the great line “Well that was perfect timing!” and you start of your catch up on a positive note. You must be ‘meant’ to be friends when your worlds are this synched.
Happy arrivals!
Becstar x

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