Sunday, August 21, 2011

#84: You wear new clothes for the first time

#84: It makes my day when………….. You wear new clothes for the first time

In honour of my very successful shopping expedition on Saturday (2 dresses, a jacket, a skirt and a new handbag in under 2 hours), todays’ post is really all about looking & feeling good, which ultimately helps improve your mood & make your day.

Buying new clothes is always exciting but what’s even better is wearing them for the first time. Hopefully they fit perfectly, there are no stains, they are crease-free and they give you a nice boost of confidence.

What’s even better is when your ultra-observant and lovely friends notice your new outfit and compliment you on it or perhaps what’s even more exciting is when a total stranger or new acquaintance does so.

 It’s enough to have you rushing out to the shops again so you can wear a new outfit every day – now wouldn’t that be the life?

Happy shopping!

Becstar x
I would have loved to post a picture of my new dresses but in case any of my friends see this, then they wouldn’t be a surprise.

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