Thursday, August 11, 2011

#79: A work friend becomes an out of work friend

#79: It makes my day when…………..A work friend becomes an out of work friend.

Warning: this process can be awkward and laden with anxiety over whether the other person likes you as much as you do them. It feels a bit high school but the rewards are worth the gamble as the relationship grows.

It's all about the first time you catch up with your work colleague outside of work and I'm not talking about at Friday arvo drinks or the work Xmas do. This is the time when the two of you arrange to meet up exclusively, outside of work hours and you do not discuss work (except maybe to bitch about the annoying guy in accounts).

You will have traded mobile numbers, discussed each other’s romantic relationships (past or present) or undertaken activities that you usually do with your besties. The true test of whether your friendship has taken the next step will be how they next introduce you. If they simply say ‘This is my friend Bec’ without any reference to your work, you will struggle to hide the smile and excitement you feel. You did it!

This situation isn't confined to work relationships; it may be with a sports teammate, your client or even your hairdresser. I'm currently working on converting my gym class buddy into a normal friend. Just because you found this awesome person in an unconventional social setting, don't let it ruin the start of a great bond.

Happy hunting!

Becstar x

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