Thursday, August 4, 2011

#75: You take the perfect picture.

#75: It makes my day when…………..You take the perfect picture.
Now I’m not just talking about finally getting the angle right on the gold old “arm’s length shot of you and your friends at a concert”. I’m talking about when you take a picture that is good enough quality that you will take the effort to print it out and perhaps pop it into a frame.
You may also judge the quality of the photo by whether it makes it way to being your desktop background or for the younger generations out there – whether or not you have just found your latest Facebook Profile Picture.
The picture may be great for a number of reasons, including:
·        Everyone is finally looking at the camera and smiling,
·        You personally look really great;
·        The scenery is amazing;
·        The photo captures the mood of the time & has you smiling when you think back.
Whatever it is, whenever I take an amazing photo or am tagged in a photo of others that is amazing, it totally makes my day.
Happy snapping!
Becstar x
                     Here are my two latest ‘amazing photos’ that have made it to my computer desktops.

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