Monday, August 15, 2011

#81: You successfully get up early

#81: It makes my day when………….. You successfully get up early.

Can you sense a sleep theme creeping into the blog?

As I mentioned yesterday I am on a special mission ‘Operation Rise Early’ to change my body clock and start getting up every morning before 6.30am. My theory is that I will be able to fit more into every day, even if I have to take a sneaky nap every now & then.

One of the hidden gems of this operation is the sense of happiness and achievement I have felt when I have got myself up and out of bed on time. I am a big fan of sleeping in whenever possible but I always feel so guilty that I have wasted time that could have otherwise been spent achieving something.

This morning I felt so proud of myself when I dragged my exhausted self out of bed, even if it was only initially to the couch while I drank my coffee before heading down to the gym. Then after 45mins in the gym I was feeling totally energised and quite happy with myself that I did it. The easy option would have been just to sleep in for another hour, no-one would have known except me.

This sense of excitement is usually heightened when you don’t actually ‘have’ to get up but make the conscious decision to do so. But if you want to congratulate yourself for simply getting out of bed to get to school/work/uni on time, then good on you.  

Happy rising!

Becstar x

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