Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#34: You find the lost sock

#34: It makes my day when………..You find the lost sock
Now I’m not really one for conspiracy theories but if I had to believe one, it would be that sock manufacturers and washing machine companies (I’m looking at you Westinghouse) have been working together for years to create small compartments at the back of washing machines that store and then destroy one sock from each pair during the wash cycle. Anyone with me?
There has been more than one occasion where I have collated 20+ odd socks and have spent much more time than I should admit trying to identify where they could be hiding. If any innate object could enter the “Hide & Seek” World Championships, then socks would have keys and phone easily covered.
Therefore you can imagine my relief each time I unload the washing machine and discover that each pair has a partner. However, what really gets me pumped is when I find the lost sock of a pair that I know have been missing for quite a while.
Let me tell you the story of my latest lost sock. Those of you who have been reading for a while and studying the list may remember post #1: New sock day. Now one of the reasons I started the blog because I was so excited to be wearing my latest pair of new socks, which were good quality ones with the logo of my cycling club the South Perth Rouleurs. Oh they felt so good, so tight on my foot and I was so pumped that I started a whole blog about it……
Then disaster struck I only wore those socks once and then lefty disappeared on me. Oh the disappointment I felt, as I searched everywhere for him, which I last wore over #33 posts ago. Every time I when to choose a pair of socks to wear, I would see Righty staring up at me looking so lonely and I felt huge pangs of disappointment.
Then to my utter amazement, the unthinkable happened. I was cleaning out my sock/undies area in the cupboard when I spotted a crisp clean looking white sock under one of my scarves…..Could it be? I was almost too scared to look but built up the courage and then it happened……I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!
YEEHAHHHHHh I yelled, as Matt looked up from his computer to see what the hell was going on, as if I had just found a $10,000 cash prize. Well to me it felt like it and I quickly changed my footwear to boots, just so I could wear the socks. What a find!
I hope this gets you as excited as me, otherwise I am starting to sound a bit pathetic…..Please comment to tell me I am not alone…….
Happy feet!
Becstar x
                                                              The socks in question…..

                                                  Oh look, she found her fave yellow socks!

#33: Your own TV screen on the plane

#33: It makes my day when………... You get your own TV screen on the plane.
Since I am in the air flying again (Today’s destination is my hometown Perth) and hence typing this from the plane, I thought it was appropriate that today’s post be something that happened to me only hours ago. If you follow me on twitter (@Bec_Halliday) you will know that I was pumped when it happened!
So I am positive that everyone who steps on a plane has an underlying desire for their plane to have the luxury that is their own TV screens. I mean that’s the only thing that goes through your mind as you wait in the queue to board right? Or is that just me?
The thought of being able to pick and choose whatever you want to watch, when you want to watch it and have a quick nap whenever you wish to pause the screen makes flying just so much more tolerable.
Due to the frequency of my flights this year I am quite aware when booking flights, which model aircrafts in the Qantas fleet have this service, but it is still a gamble and I walk onto the plane crossing my fingers every time.
I’d even give up having the whole row to myself in order to have the screen, so I don’t have to watch some boring movie that they play on the flight because no-one was watching it at the movies.
SIDE NOTE: However it does also make my day when although you don’t have your own screen, instead they screen an awesome movie that you have been wanting to see for ages. Score!
However today I didn’t have to worry about making that choice because as well as having our own screens, I enjoyed a spare seat next to me. How lucky am I???? Today is going to be awesome!
Happy flying!
Becstar x

Sunday, May 29, 2011

#32: All green lights

#32: It makes my day when………... You get all green lights
Many of you I will imagine, drive the same route every work day, following the same roads and most likely getting caught at the same sets of traffic lights each day.
So how great is it when the stars align to ensure that you get a clean run and manage to out manoeuvre all the other drivers on the road.
Lucky you left exactly when you did, lucky you stopped for that takeaway coffee, lucky you brushed your teeth for exactly 2mins 19secs and lucky you didn’t stay at home to watch the entertainment news segment on Sunrise which seemed to be coming up after every ad break, as all these chosen actions set you on the path to driving nirvana.
I must admit though this kind of event is much more exhilarating on the return journey from work, as getting to work 15mins earlier than usual is not as exciting as getting home 15mins early and being able to enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time before the nightly activities begin.
Good luck on your journey today.
Happy travels!
Becstar x
Ps. This also applies to those travelling by foot, as the pedestrian crossings can take ages, so when they turn green on your approach you make involuntarily break into a small skip.

Friday, May 27, 2011

#31: Parking spot right outside the front door.

#31: It makes my day when………... You get a parking spot right outside the front door.
Since today is what I like to call “Super Shopping Saturday” this post is quite appropriate. It most commonly occurs when entering into large shopping centre car parks, sporting events or when trying to find a park in the city centre.
On the approach to your destination you start to notice that plenty of people look as though they are all heading to the same place as you. You are still 800m away from your target location and already you can’t even see any free spots……this could be disastrous!
Maybe you will just do a quick lap past the entrance to see if you luck is on your side today, it couldn’t hurt right?
Then as you slowly creep past the entrance you suddenly spot the beacon that is the reverse lights of another car coming from the closest car park that you could of imagined…….Wohoo!!!!
You might then take a quick look around while smiling to see if anyone else witnessed your good fortune and give the exiting person the biggest wave you can, while turning into the spot with possibly your best parking manoeuvre of your driving career. (Imagine the magic if this coincided with #13)
I’ll also give double points to those of you playing along if this happens to you in the following circumstances:
·         You are running late;
·         You have no change and you score a parking spot which doesn’t require a ticket;
·         You nab a great spot at a large shopping centre in the 2 week prior to Christmas (Triple points for Christmas Eve);
·         Or at the shopping centre during the week of the post-Christmas sales.
Good luck getting your spot when you head out today. Think positive, it has to happen to someone…..
Happy parking!
Becstar x
Look at some of these awesome spots that other people have nabbe. This is what they had to say about their good fortune:
                           “I thought I was going to miss the boat, until I got this awesome park…..”

                           “I’m here to fix the roof tiles…..Couldn’t get a closer spot if I tried.”

 “So close to being late the Tree House AGM, lucky someone was reversing just as I got here”
                 “What a day to get such a close park, I really just needed to duck in to pick up some
bon bons for tomorrow’s Christmas celebrations”


“This new 2 storey car park is just so convenient”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

#30: The shop assistant picks out the biggest & best looking treat from behind the glass panel at the bakery.

#30: It makes my day when………... The shop assistant picks out the biggest & best treat from behind the glass panel at the bakery.
So you’ve decided that you deserve a treat from the bakery because you had a crappy day at work, you forgot to each your lunch, it’s Friday or maybe you just rode your bike 120km. Whatever the reason, if you’re like me you stay there for a while letting everyone else go ahead of you while deciding what you are going to choose.
This is a big decision (as we know from Post #25) so you scan the rows of delicious treat until your eyes fixate on the Raspberry and White Chocolate scone mmmmmm………..
However there is certainly a discrepancy between the size, shape and proportion of choc bits on the scones on the tray behind the glass, so you will be taking a risk if they choose one for you. Is it worth it? Hell yeah, they look incredible.
So you look for the most generous looking shop assistant and tentatively move forward saying in your politest voice “Could I please have one Raspberry & White Chocolate scone?” Then you watch in hesitation as she bends down towards the tray…….Oh it feels like she’s going in slow motion.
But then the magic starts, she replays your move and scans the tray looking for the most delicious, plump looking treat and chooses the exact scone that you had your eye on….WOHOOO, you are so grateful and can now relax, walking away knowing you are going to enjoy every bit of your yummy treat.
Yummmm….anyone else now carving something from the bakery?
Today’s post idea is the first one that has been sent in by a home viewer, Lisa Jacobs. Lisa is a lawyer/cyclist/writer/bakery enthusiast and keen admirer of miniature dachshunds. Lisa has an awesome new website that I recommend that you check out (especially if you love cycling). Find it at www.ridehappy.com.au
A similar moment happened to her yesterday and enjoyed every bite of her date scone! Thanks Lisa.
Happy eating!
Becstar x
                                       Tip: Flirting with the bakery staff does tend to increase
                                               your chances of scoring the biggest treat.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#29: You see yourself on TV

#29: It makes my day when………... You see yourself on TV.
In honour of my appearance on ‘Deal or No Deal’ yesterday, today’s post is all about the split second where you see yourself on TV.
Now I’m not talking about being on a game show or even hosting the show, I’m talking about the times when you are out at a public event, such as a Fun Run or community fair, the cameras are there and then later that evening you are watching the news and your pretty face appears on the screen for half a second.
Usually invisible to anyone but yourself, you are suddenly turning around and screaming to anyone around you, ‘Did you see that? I was just on the TV’
This also occurs when you are present at a live sporting match or event, then you get home in time to catch the replay on TV. I bet you all secretly spend more time searching the faces in the crowd whenever the camera pans out, as opposed to watching the event – I mean you’ve seen it all before anyway!
This happened to me this year at the Anzac Day March. I stood there clapping along for 2 hours, then later that night I saw myself clapping along on the Channel 7 news. Sadly I was home by myself and had no-one to tell, so I rang Matt but as soon as it started ringing I really questioned why it was so exciting???
I suppose it’s just something that doesn’t happen every day? Who knows?
So I’ll be looking forward to the ‘Deal or No Deal’ episode which will be screened sometime in the next 2 months. I even get a speaking part in this one, so that has to be bonus points?
Happy viewing!
Becstar x
                                 Federer: OMG! Did you just see me on the big screen????

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NO DEAL - No post today!

No post today as I have been out all day at DEAL or NO DEAL!

Exciting I know and although I did not manage to play with Andrew (that sounds a bit wrong), I did manage to get BOOYAH – Case 26.

So look out for me in the next few months, doing a stupid dance. Another thing ticked off the bucket list by being on a gameshow!

Makes my day when……will be back to usual broadcasting tomorrow.

Happy guessing!

Becstar x

Monday, May 23, 2011

#28: Your hair sits perfectly

#28: It makes my day when………... Your hair sits perfectly.
I am sure we all have these days when we get out of bed, seem to do nothing out of the ordinary, start to get ready for work, school, mothers group, the gym or wherever…..and just like that, the hair fairies descend down on us and your hair just looks GREAT!
Now I am not the girliest of girls and tend not to spend hours in front of the mirror blow drying my hair at 5am each morning. In fact my hair tends to sit straighter when I simply leave it to dry naturally, well sometimes……..Other times it likes to rebel against me and give me a weird kick or sit so flat it looks like I just got out of bed (and not in that sexy ‘just got out of bed look’ more of the “I passed out on my left side and have not moved for 12 hours’ look)
So I tend to get pretty pumped up and proud of myself, when my hair just seems to pull itself together and sit perfectly. It does great things for the self-esteem also.
Team this with Blog Post #17: You receive unexpected positive feedback from a friend about how great your hair looks and your day just went from GOOD to FABULOUS!
I’m off to get ready for a couple of work meetings and fingers crossed that today is one of these days.
Happy Hairstyling!
Becstar x

Sunday, May 22, 2011

#27: It's fresh sheet day

#27: It makes my day when………... It's fresh sheet day.
I’m starting my week being super productive and before the work day started I’ve already crossed off a few of my tasks which includes getting through a large amount of washing that was neglected on the weekend. This brings me to today’s post, which is getting excited about having fresh, clean sheets.
Embarrassingly, this doesn’t happen to me as often as I would have hoped but when it does, it’s just so nice to get into bed when the sheets are pulled tightly and feel super smooth. If anyone out there irons their sheets before they put them back on the bed, then double points to you. That’s dedication!
Taking it up another level is the possession of brand new sheets, fresh out of the packet. This is usually more exciting because if you are like me you will most likely spend an extra 15mins making the bed, trying to have it look like it could be photographed for the Beds Plus catalogue.
But oh the delight, when you get into bed that night – that is after you have neatly stacked the 15 decorative cushions into the corner of the room……….
I will certainly be looking forward to getting into bed tonight!
Happy dreams!
Becstar x
                                             Hands up if you love a decorative cushion or 10???

Friday, May 20, 2011

#26: You get free food samples

#26: It makes my day when……….. You get free food samples.
Two of my favourite words…….Free and Food. Put them together and it makes today’s post a sure fire winner.
Now I’m not sure where most of my readers live but I can tell you that this happens 10 times more often now that I live in Melbourne & frequently up to Sydney than it ever did in Perth. L
Free food is always good but in particular I’m talking about the situation where food companies are launching a new product and they have people dressed up in bright coloured t-shirts handing out free samples.
I’ve received free samples of breakfast cereals, choc milk, muesli bars, sports water, yoghurts, instant noodles and my favourite chocolate bars.
I will give half a point those playing at home for the consumption of free food samples within the supermarket. Nothing like a little pick-me-up of a thimble of yoghurt or cheese on a stick to help get you through the tedious job that is grocery shopping.
The anticipation that comes from the possibility of the free food sample is the only thing that stops me from getting my groceries delivered. You just never know what they give out next? Oh the excitement……..
Keep a look out next time you’re out & about.

Happy shopping!

Becstar x
                                           Double points if they hand feed you the sample!
                                                    How’s that for customer service?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#25: You choose the right thing off the menu

#25: It makes my day when………..You choose the right thing off the menu
I am not sure if any of you out there are as indecisive as me when it comes to choosing what to order off a restaurant menu? If so, great I’m not alone and today’s post is for you.
I like to think that I am person who takes control of their own life, makes good decisions and stands by their choices BUT ask me the simplest question of “What are you going to have?” at dinner and I turn into an hesitant mess.
Therefore it brings me great pleasure when after umming and arringgg over 2-3 choices on the menu and being pushed to make a hasty choice by my less patient friends, my food comes out and I take the first few bites to I realise I made exactly the right choice. Yummy!
The level of intensity and relief I sometimes feel is not dissimilar to the good guys in the movies who make the right decision to pull the red wire instead of the green to dismantle the explosives.
I feel like I have dodged a bullet and when I finish off the last few scraps on the plate, I have a huge grin, a full belly and am pretty pleased with myself.
Happy eating!
Becstar x
                                           Ps. I have less trouble deciding with desserts,
                                                 as my general rule is – Best to try it all.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#24: Someone unexpectedly remembers your name

#24: It makes my day when………..Someone unexpectedly remembers your name
Now I’ve been saving this one for a while, as I think it one of the best yet. It may not seem so at first but the internal delight that you feel when someone unexpectedly remembers your name is very powerful.
Whether it be your local coffee man, who after weeks of you ordering the same coffee and giving your name every day, suddenly says “Morning Bec, how are you today?”
or whether you are at a party mingling with a number of different people, then at the end of the night someone who you spoke with hours earlier, pops up and says ‘Seeya Bec, really nice to have met you”
or during the first few weeks of a new job, one of the bosses who you only meet briefly during orientation walks into the lunch room and says “Hi Rebecca, how are you settling in?”
No matter what the situation or who you are speaking to, we all like the sound of hearing our own name being said out loud. I think that is why I am always super impressed by those people who remember my name, especially if I have forgotten theirs.
It makes you feel special, as it seems as though they have gone out of their way to think about you and for some reason this makes you feel more important than the day before when you were just being called “Mate”, “Love” or even worse, nothing at all.
The more respect you have for the person or the more removed you are from them (ie. You don’t see them very often or have just met them) is also directly proportional to the buzz you get. Just imagine the excitement you would get if you randomly bumped into Oprah or Richard Branson and they knew your name!!!!
So next time you are meeting someone for the first time, a new person starts at your work or even if you get a random call from someone on the phone, do your best to remember their name & insert it back into the conversation and if it was me you were talking to, then I’d think you were super cool. (Although if you are actually reading this, I already think you’re super cool J)
Happy Thursday.
Becstar x

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#23: You press the elevator button & the doors open immediately

#23: It makes my day when………..You press the elevator button & the doors open immediately.
So today’s post will be more common for some than others dependant on where you live, work or socialise and the frequency of your need to use an elevator.
I currently live on the 14th floor of an 22 storey building, so I roll the dice everyday with the chance of this occurring and sadly it can be a big moment of excitement, especially when you are returning home, busting for the toilet and every second waiting for the elevator counts. (Sidenote: Why is it that the closer to home you get, the more busting you become?)
Those who work in high rise buildings will hopefully be nodding along, agreeing that if you press the button for the elevator and the doors immediately open, it excites you – even if just a little.
This is quite common when you are on the ground wanting to go up, but the game doubles in excitement stakes if you are on your level (ie. My 14th floor) wanting to go to ground & the door instantly open. It’s like the elevator anticipated your desire to travel downwards and was waiting there for you. Well that’s what I like to think anyway!
Hopefully next time you travel in a lift and the doors part ways instantly for you, smile a little and enjoy the ride.
Happy travels.
Becstar x
                                               Maybe if my elevator doors had cool pictures
                                                like this on them, I wouldn’t mind waiting?

Monday, May 16, 2011

#22: You get a double yolked egg

#22: It makes my day when………..You get a double yolked egg
Well isn’t this a great start to the day! You are enjoying a lazy sleep in, making yourself and perhaps your family a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.
Then with the simple cracking open of an egg, your day just ascended into greatness. Wohoo two for the price of one. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Now I would actually like to know the odds of this occurring, so I did a bit of research through google and guess what the answer was…………. 0.1%
Wow now I feel even luckier as I am sure this has happened to me at least 2-3 times. If it hasn’t yet happened to you, don’t give up – just eat more eggs!
As I was researching the chances of double yolkers I came across this story – just stop and imagine how EGGcited this lady must have been…………….AMAZING!
Happy Eggs!
Becstar x

Sunday, May 15, 2011

#21: You see someone famous

#21: It makes my day when………..You spot someone famous
Okay so I am hoping that I am not the only one here who gets a bit excited when they spot someone famous, even if they are only a D grade celebrity and their only claim to fame was being on Big Brother or reading the Perth nightly news.
It’s like you are playing the ultimate game of Where’s Wally, just going about your daily business when you spot someone who looks familiar. Before you know it your brain has recognised who they are and you are whispering to whoever you are with “Hey look it’s Alf from Home & Away”.
You can’t help but keep an eye on them and check out what they have put in their shopping trolley. “Wow, Alf prefers Kleenex and is buying home-brand flour, maybe they don’t get paid millions to be on H&A?”
I bet even if you aren’t totally agreeing with today’s post, that the next time you spot someone famous, you will tell at least 3 people about it. It’s usually out of the ordinary, so that’s got to make it a bit exciting right?
Since moving to Melbourne and spending so much time in the Melbourne & Sydney Qantas Club lounges, celebrity spotting become a common occurrence. Nowadays if I don’t see someone from the TV in there, I get a bit underwhelmed.
I don’t really know why they excite me and why I want to check out what they are doing. They seem to just be normal people who happen to just get filmed doing their job. Personally I would find it rather annoying if someone filmed me at my work all day & probably even more annoying that when I wasn’t working people stared at me everywhere I went.
So from now on I’m going to try and play it cool. I’ll just secretly smile to myself and if I really need to monitor their movements, I’ll do my best surveillance from behind a newspaper (That’s how they go undetected right?)
Happy spotting!
Becstar x

Saturday, May 14, 2011

#20: You receive unexpected positive feedback

#20: It makes my day when……….. You receive unexpected positive feedback
Since it’s a bit of a milestone today with my 20th post and nearly 500 page views, I thought I divulge myself a little with something that has made my day in direct effect of me starting this blog.
So how good is positive feedback? Great, I know! And it's even greater when it is totally unexpected.
I mean we all do things that internally we know are pretty awesome, so when we get feedback on these things it is still lovely but sometimes anticipated.
However what I think is even more special is when you get feedback on something unexpected.
Take these two examples and tell me which one you would be more impressed by:
·         You spend 2.5 hours getting ready for friend’s wedding. You buy a new dress, do your nails, get your hair blow dryed, put on way more make up than normal, use your best perfume and wear uncomfortable but super high & sexy heels. Finally when you are ready to head out the door, your partner says “You look lovely”
·         You walk in the door after sweating it out at the gym in your dorky gym clothes. You’re happy with yourself after working hard but not exactly thinking you are looking your best. So when your partner looks up and tells you that you look sexy, doesn’t it totally make your day?
Bonus points are scored when you receive unexpected feedback from strangers. When a stranger tells you that they like your dress/bag/shoes etc it's pretty neat, as you definitely know that they aren’t just saying it to be nice.
Therefore the reason why I choose to write about this topic, is that I have been overwhelmed by all the unexpected positive feedback from you folk out there reading this blog. Whether you have simply clicked on the blog page, posted a positive comment, liked by Facebook page or sent me a personal email, it has had me beaming for the past 3 weeks.
I started this blog after being inspired by a very awesome friend, Kelly Exeter (Check out one of her incredible sites at http://thesmilecollective.com.au/) simply to try to make a positive contribution to the world. I didn’t think anyone would ever read (apart from my mum) and to be honest at the time I didn’t really care. I enjoy doing it and it has made me start to appreciate the smaller things in life that make me happy.
So I say thank you for your positive feedback and I send it right back at you. You guys all rock!
Happy lazy Sunday.
Becstar x

Friday, May 13, 2011

#19: The person who you were about to contact, contacts you first

#19: It makes my day when………..The person who you were about to contact, contacts you first
This is something that I had to post today, as it has been happening to me all week, making me smile and ensuring that I repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly) say ‘I can’t believe that just happened’.
For those of you who have read “The Secret” you may know what I am talking about, in that if you repeatedly visualise someone calling you or sending you an email or anything else for that matter, then the book says it will come true.
Well it sounds like a bit far fetched right? Well I am starting to become a believer.
3 instances of this happening this week, may convince you otherwise –
·         I have been dealing with a large national company at work since Feb. They were super keen to do business but I hadn’t heard from them in a while. They are based in Sydney and I had a free day on Thursday up there, so I repeatedly said to my boss that I should try to arrange a meeting. Then Wed arvo, I called my contact but it went straight to message back and as the message said she was on the phone. I didn’t leave a message, so I could call back. I got distracted and about 1 hour later, I started to type an email to my contact. I typed in her address, then wrote Hi Kathryn………then guess what! She sent me an email, asking to meet up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you freaking out? I was! I hadn’t spoken to her for over 6 weeks and she wanted to meet with me again. So I called her straight away, we set up a meeting for the next morning and the outcome was AWESOME!

·         A very similar thing then happened on Friday arvo. I had a client who I needed to follow up and I had written their name down and circled it to follow up. Unfortunately I got held up with other things and it got to 5pm Friday and I thought ‘It’s too late now, I’ll just leave it to Monday’ Then at 5.14pm, I received an email from that very client, one who I hadn’t spoken to in 3 weeks, to say that they wanted to proceed with our system……Are you freaken kidding me???????????????? STOKED!

·         The last one is not quite as specific, but perhaps the most exciting. About 2 months ago, Matt and I auditioned for a TV game show. It went really well and we were sure they would call us. Then we heard nothing and kind of forgot about it as they said it could take 12 months to be called, if at all.  But then this week I made a decision to focus on getting a call up and guess what? It happened on FRIDAY. We are set to go to a recording day Wednesday 25th May and the studio where they film is in the building opposite our apartment. CRAZY!
This same process works with social relationships. Have you ever been randomly thinking about someone from your past, who you haven’t seen in ages, then within the next week you bump into them at the shopping centre?
Anyway, this has been quite a long post and I don’t want to harp on but I must empathise the power of positive thinking. If you think I’m talking crap then no worries but give it a go and you’ll be surprised by what happens.
Happy Saturday!
Becstar x
Ps. I just need to start really focusing on receiving that $1,000,000.00 cheque in the mail. However considering how excited I get when some of these minor things happen, I would probably die of shock if this one came true. J

#18: You find money in your jeans

#18: It makes my day when………..You find money in your jeans.
You put on your jeans that you haven’t worn in a while, pushing your hands into the pockets to ensure that the pocket creases disappears, when you feel something scratch your hand. It’s probably an old receipt or ticket, so you pull it out whilst promising yourself that after you finishing wearing these jeans today, you will make sure you put them through the wash.
Then WOHOO you scream as you feel like you’ve just won 5th division lotto when you see the cash in your hand.
I’m not sure why this one gets me so excited, considering that when this happens I am only finding my own money.
I don’t like to logically think about it rather thinking about what I am going to spend my latest fortune on……Coffee, a beer, dinner out, a new dress or maybe even a Porsche?
Perhaps I should even think about storing cash in my winter jackets as the weather starts to heat up, so that when winter rolls around again next year, at least I’ll have something to be excited about.
Happy days!
Becstar x

Thursday, May 12, 2011

#17: Your luggage is first off the carousel

#17: It makes my day when………..Your luggage is first off the carousel.
Since I am currently sitting in the Qantas Club trying to quickly complete today’s blog post, then I thought I should make it about flying.
Has anyone ever actually had this happen to them? Doesn’t it always seem like your luggage is the last to come through?
Well every time I fly with luggage, I get to the carousel and wait, secretly hoping that my luggage will be chosen to come out first.
And guess what? Once it actually happened……It was at a very small airport on the Greek Islands after flying on a very small plane (so my chances were greatly increased with not many people flying). The conveyor belt started and out came my bag, well ahead of any others. It proudly made it’s way around the carousel towards me and I was so happy! (It’s sad I know)
Nowdays I get excited even if I am in the first 50 bags to come out. So I am sitting her hoping that when I land back in Melbourne in an hour or so, my bag will have pushed it way to the front of the queue.
Happy travels.
Becstar x

Ed’s Note: Since I was unable to post this before my flight due to site maintenance, I can report that when I got to Melbourne my bag was about 3rd last to come out. Bugger! However I did get to sit right near Denise Scott on the flight, who I think is just hilarious and lovely, so that made my day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#16: A new checkout line opens and you are first to be called over.

#16: It makes my day when………..A new checkout line opens and you are first to be called over.
Oh this is a good one, especially when you are in a rush. You pop into the supermarket quickly to simply grab some milk and the queue is at least 5 deep with everyone ahead looking like they are stocking up for a year – I mean how many tins of beetroot does one really need?
You think about switching to another queue but your hesitation sees someone else join that line. Then all of a sudden you hear (or if you are really on the ball you see) a checkout angel who says “Excuse me, would you like to come over here?”
“Oh yes I would!” It’s like they deliberately chose you out of the line, so you scoot over to be the first person in the new line. Then before you know it you have paid and you are walking out of the store, smiling at your good fortune.
If you are a bit cheeky, you may even look over your shoulder and see the poor people still stuck behind the beetroot hoarder. Note: If you do this, try not to look too smug!
Happy shopping!
Becstar x
                              I wonder if famous people get called up to new checkout more often?
                                            Mr Obama looks pretty pleased with himself.

Monday, May 9, 2011

#15: You send or receive a hand written letter

#15: It makes my day when………..You send or receive a hand written letter.
Okay, so think about the last time you received a hand written letter and remember the excitement when you retrieved it from the mailbox and the thoughts ran through your mind as you struggled to open it. “Who could it be from?”, “Is it an invite”, “Is it the lotteries commission, personally writing to tell me of my big windfall?”
I have recently made a conscious decision to try to write more letters (Well hand written cards at least) and send them out to my friends or family to try and brighten their day.
Whether I have used it as a ‘Thanks for having us over for a lovely dinner’, ‘Thanks for coming to visit me in Melbourne’ or as simple ‘Thinking of you’, the response is always super positive in return. I always get a big thank you and in special cases, a hand written thank you letter back.
So next time, you want to say thanks, hello or anything really, don’t send an sms or email. Take an extra 5mins to go grab a $1 card, a 60c stamp and you will be amazed at the fuzzy feeling you get as you pop into the post box and then as a bonus, the positive response at the that will come your way the next day once it has been received.
This post is what I like to call a WIN-WIN. It makes your day and it also makes someone elses day better.
So who can you send a letter/card to today?
Becstar x

                                                      Awww…….See how happy she looks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

#14: You get to the train station platform and the next one is due in less than 2mins

#14: It makes my day when………..You get to the train station platform and the next one is due in less than 2mins.
How perfect is your timing? Is the whole public transport system working around your travel plans?
It means that you took exactly the right amount of time in the shower, brushing your hair, eating your toast, watching the entertainment segment on Sunrise and walking to the stop. What a start to the day!
I’m all about efficiency, so when I don’t have to wait around wasting time playing Bounce Bullet on my iphone, then that’s enough to get me humming ‘Beautiful Day’.
Also relevant for those playing along who catch prefer to catch a tram, bus, ferry or hover board.
Happy travels.
Becstar x

Saturday, May 7, 2011

#13: When parking the car, the wonderful person exiting gives you their valid ticket.

#13: It makes my day when……….. When parking the car, the wonderful person exiting gives you their valid ticket.
Now this one is a rare one and it really gets you excited about the good nature of your fellow humans.
You circle the car park at a busy venue, waiting for a car to exit, waiting and circling, getting more frustrated each lap, especially when you only need to duck in for 30mins or so.
Then you notice the park brakes light up and the reverse lights come on and you’ve hit gold. As the car gets halfway out of the space the driver jumps out and walks to your car, what could they want?
“Would you like my parking ticket, it’s still valid for another 1 hour?”
Of course you say yes, but often you are still in a bit of shock at your good fortune that you don’t have enough time to tell the lovely driver, how thoughtful and kind the gesture was.
Such a simple thing to do, but when it happens to me (maybe 3-4 times now) it certainly makes my day. Next time you have plenty of time left on your ticket, think about paying it forward, as it will certainly put a smile of someone else’s face.
Good karma is always returned, sometimes not straight away but it will happen.
Becstar x

Ed’s Notes: Can you tell I really despise having to pay for parking with 2 posts about the topic within the top 13?

Friday, May 6, 2011

#12: You think of a song then it comes on the radio.

#12 It makes my day when………..You think of a song then it comes on the radio.
A quick, short, self-explanatory post for a Saturday morning.
You are driving along in the car, when you think about a song, start humming or maybe say aloud, “I really wish the ‘Who let the dogs out’ song would come on.”
Then BAM, a few songs later and on it is blaring through the car speakers, you are belting it out at the top of your lungs (“Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof”) and thanking the radio fairies for hearing your requests.  
I hope that this happens to other people, otherwise it might reconfirm my thoughts that maybe I am a psychic.
Although I must admit, I am a bit of a Top 40 tragic, so I am usually silently requesting the latest song, which is usually played every 20mins, so this is quite a frequent occurrence in my life.
Still it makes my day and has me thinking that I’m receiving some good karma my way……
Becstar x

Thursday, May 5, 2011

#11: You get a double whammy of TV ads

#11 It makes my day when……….. You get a double whammy of TV ads
So hopefully you all know what I am talking about here? This is something that used to excite me more when I was a whipper snapper, back when my life was less complicated and my expectations for excitement were a little lower.
This is the moment when you are watching TV, the ads come on and in order to avoid them you switch channels to find exactly the same ad playing on another channel.
Okay, so it doesn’t sound like fun but trust me when it happens you may find yourself screaming “Double whammy, double whammy” and looking around your living room looking for some type of praise from your housemates.
It’s like you just discovered a pot of gold – okay well not that exciting but it’s about as happy as you will ever be about watching TV ads.
This also used to be a much rarer occurrence when your station choices were limited to channels 7, 9 & 10, rather than the abundance of channels that are now on offer.
Just you wait, the next time this happens to you, I promise that a big smile will come across your face and you'll be flicking back & forth to see many seconds they are apart.  
Happy viewing.
Becstar x

Ed’s Note: As I was typing this post, I seemed to recall a particularly exciting evening circa 1993 at home with the family on a Saturday evening watching Hey Hey when we were witness to a TRIPLE whammy. Now my memory is sketchy and I can’t remember whether this is a real memory or one that I dreamed about occurring but either way, imagine what an overwhelming time this would have been. WOW, gets me pumped just thinking about it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#10: A really awesome stranger sits next to me

#10: It makes my day when………… A really awesome stranger sits next to me.
So today’s post is almost the opposite of yesterday’s but often the outcome can be just as exhilarating. This can happen on a plane, on public transport, in a training course or anywhere when you happen to be by yourself.
It’s a game changer because just when you start to get bummed that you don’t have your personal space, the stranger smiles warmly, opens their mouth and engages in conversation.
Then lo and behold, the stranger is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
Sometimes they are funny, sometimes cute, sometimes inspiring, sometimes different, sometimes witty, sometimes super smart, sometimes well connected and sometimes they are just happen to gossip with you about the people walking by.
Whatever it is, if you do manage to get a good one, then it is so much better than sitting alone.  
You often do want to leave but when you do make sure that you tell them that they have made your day and you will both walk away with a smile on your face.
Have you ever meet an awesome stranger?
Becstar x
                                            If only these two just started up a conversation,
                                                maybe they would be the best of friends?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#9: No-one sits next to you on the plane

#9 It makes my day when………..No-one sits next to you on the plane.
This is as self-explanatory as it sounds. You get on the plane, sit down and no-one is next to you. Slowly the crowd starts to dissipate and you hold out hope that no-one else is about to board and ruin your fun.
Could it even be your lucky day when you get the whole row to yourself?
It is so wonderful not to have to deal with Miss Chatterbox, Mr ‘Hogs the Arm Rest’, Mrs Sniffles or Mr ‘Slightly wider than the seat that he encroaches on your side', so that you can sit back relax and enjoy your own personal space.
It makes your flight so much more comfortable and enjoyable.
For all those playing at home, this excitement is doubled on overseas long haul or midnight horror flights.
Safe travels.
Becstar x

                                                             That’s what you are after.

                                                                  This - Not so much!

Monday, May 2, 2011

#8: You drop the marg lid and it lands face up

#8: It makes my day when………..You drop the marg lid and it lands face up.
Today’s post is a simple one but something that just happened to me only moments ago. I was making my toast, still half asleep when suddenly I dropped the margarine lid.
As it spiralled towards the floor, I hoped that luck would go my way and it would land face up. Please, please, please…….
Nothing worse than having your poor coordination ruin your morning as you have to clean the floor, wash the lid and consequently your toast burns.
But today is a good day and it landed face up, so my day continued as it was and I sit hear enjoying my vegemite toast with a smug smile on my face.
Becstar x

Sunday, May 1, 2011

#7: It’s Free Coffee Day

#7: It makes my day when……………………. It’s free coffee day.
After you go to the effort of collecting all of your stamps/tokens on your “Buy 10, get one free” loyalty card, you finally get to reap the rewards.
Ahhhh…….not much beats the satisfaction of receiving free things and when your talking coffee, it gets me even more excited.

Even better is when Free Coffee Day falls on a Monday!

Note: Same principal applies whether it is Free Sandwich Day/Free Car Wash Day or Free Facial Day.

Becstar x