Monday, May 16, 2011

#22: You get a double yolked egg

#22: It makes my day when………..You get a double yolked egg
Well isn’t this a great start to the day! You are enjoying a lazy sleep in, making yourself and perhaps your family a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.
Then with the simple cracking open of an egg, your day just ascended into greatness. Wohoo two for the price of one. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Now I would actually like to know the odds of this occurring, so I did a bit of research through google and guess what the answer was…………. 0.1%
Wow now I feel even luckier as I am sure this has happened to me at least 2-3 times. If it hasn’t yet happened to you, don’t give up – just eat more eggs!
As I was researching the chances of double yolkers I came across this story – just stop and imagine how EGGcited this lady must have been…………….AMAZING!
Happy Eggs!
Becstar x

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