Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#9: No-one sits next to you on the plane

#9 It makes my day when………..No-one sits next to you on the plane.
This is as self-explanatory as it sounds. You get on the plane, sit down and no-one is next to you. Slowly the crowd starts to dissipate and you hold out hope that no-one else is about to board and ruin your fun.
Could it even be your lucky day when you get the whole row to yourself?
It is so wonderful not to have to deal with Miss Chatterbox, Mr ‘Hogs the Arm Rest’, Mrs Sniffles or Mr ‘Slightly wider than the seat that he encroaches on your side', so that you can sit back relax and enjoy your own personal space.
It makes your flight so much more comfortable and enjoyable.
For all those playing at home, this excitement is doubled on overseas long haul or midnight horror flights.
Safe travels.
Becstar x

                                                             That’s what you are after.

                                                                  This - Not so much!


  1. I hope I am lucky enough to have anyone sit next to me on the next 14 flights we are taking over the four weeks we are away. Except for Pete, but I am sure he will spend most of his time with Ernie at the bar upstairs on the
    A380 flight. They might send me down an odd champagne or two!

    Peace and quiet is all I am looking for with no screaming babies sitting close by.

  2. Yay this blogs first comment.
    Thanks mum, I knew I could count on you x

    Screaming babies, loud talkers, people who sniff constantly and those who make you move to go to the toilet every 5 mins are certainly the ones to avoid.

  3. Becstar(cuz) u crack me up!
    Keep this up..i will be sure to read more and tell others!!!
    And yes i to had good fortune on my flight from the uk all the way home with 3 spare seats next to me!! Hello peace and quiet and a already made bed!

  4. Hey Lee,
    Glad you like it & happy to hear you will keep reading.
    Wow you must have been so excited for 3 spare seats! I would have almost wet my pants with joy!
    Hope all is well x

  5. You could have some little kid kicking the back of your seat. Cheers,Mark.