Friday, May 20, 2011

#26: You get free food samples

#26: It makes my day when……….. You get free food samples.
Two of my favourite words…….Free and Food. Put them together and it makes today’s post a sure fire winner.
Now I’m not sure where most of my readers live but I can tell you that this happens 10 times more often now that I live in Melbourne & frequently up to Sydney than it ever did in Perth. L
Free food is always good but in particular I’m talking about the situation where food companies are launching a new product and they have people dressed up in bright coloured t-shirts handing out free samples.
I’ve received free samples of breakfast cereals, choc milk, muesli bars, sports water, yoghurts, instant noodles and my favourite chocolate bars.
I will give half a point those playing at home for the consumption of free food samples within the supermarket. Nothing like a little pick-me-up of a thimble of yoghurt or cheese on a stick to help get you through the tedious job that is grocery shopping.
The anticipation that comes from the possibility of the free food sample is the only thing that stops me from getting my groceries delivered. You just never know what they give out next? Oh the excitement……..
Keep a look out next time you’re out & about.

Happy shopping!

Becstar x
                                           Double points if they hand feed you the sample!
                                                    How’s that for customer service?

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