Thursday, May 19, 2011

#25: You choose the right thing off the menu

#25: It makes my day when………..You choose the right thing off the menu
I am not sure if any of you out there are as indecisive as me when it comes to choosing what to order off a restaurant menu? If so, great I’m not alone and today’s post is for you.
I like to think that I am person who takes control of their own life, makes good decisions and stands by their choices BUT ask me the simplest question of “What are you going to have?” at dinner and I turn into an hesitant mess.
Therefore it brings me great pleasure when after umming and arringgg over 2-3 choices on the menu and being pushed to make a hasty choice by my less patient friends, my food comes out and I take the first few bites to I realise I made exactly the right choice. Yummy!
The level of intensity and relief I sometimes feel is not dissimilar to the good guys in the movies who make the right decision to pull the red wire instead of the green to dismantle the explosives.
I feel like I have dodged a bullet and when I finish off the last few scraps on the plate, I have a huge grin, a full belly and am pretty pleased with myself.
Happy eating!
Becstar x
                                           Ps. I have less trouble deciding with desserts,
                                                 as my general rule is – Best to try it all.

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