Saturday, May 14, 2011

#20: You receive unexpected positive feedback

#20: It makes my day when……….. You receive unexpected positive feedback
Since it’s a bit of a milestone today with my 20th post and nearly 500 page views, I thought I divulge myself a little with something that has made my day in direct effect of me starting this blog.
So how good is positive feedback? Great, I know! And it's even greater when it is totally unexpected.
I mean we all do things that internally we know are pretty awesome, so when we get feedback on these things it is still lovely but sometimes anticipated.
However what I think is even more special is when you get feedback on something unexpected.
Take these two examples and tell me which one you would be more impressed by:
·         You spend 2.5 hours getting ready for friend’s wedding. You buy a new dress, do your nails, get your hair blow dryed, put on way more make up than normal, use your best perfume and wear uncomfortable but super high & sexy heels. Finally when you are ready to head out the door, your partner says “You look lovely”
·         You walk in the door after sweating it out at the gym in your dorky gym clothes. You’re happy with yourself after working hard but not exactly thinking you are looking your best. So when your partner looks up and tells you that you look sexy, doesn’t it totally make your day?
Bonus points are scored when you receive unexpected feedback from strangers. When a stranger tells you that they like your dress/bag/shoes etc it's pretty neat, as you definitely know that they aren’t just saying it to be nice.
Therefore the reason why I choose to write about this topic, is that I have been overwhelmed by all the unexpected positive feedback from you folk out there reading this blog. Whether you have simply clicked on the blog page, posted a positive comment, liked by Facebook page or sent me a personal email, it has had me beaming for the past 3 weeks.
I started this blog after being inspired by a very awesome friend, Kelly Exeter (Check out one of her incredible sites at simply to try to make a positive contribution to the world. I didn’t think anyone would ever read (apart from my mum) and to be honest at the time I didn’t really care. I enjoy doing it and it has made me start to appreciate the smaller things in life that make me happy.
So I say thank you for your positive feedback and I send it right back at you. You guys all rock!
Happy lazy Sunday.
Becstar x

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