Thursday, May 12, 2011

#17: Your luggage is first off the carousel

#17: It makes my day when………..Your luggage is first off the carousel.
Since I am currently sitting in the Qantas Club trying to quickly complete today’s blog post, then I thought I should make it about flying.
Has anyone ever actually had this happen to them? Doesn’t it always seem like your luggage is the last to come through?
Well every time I fly with luggage, I get to the carousel and wait, secretly hoping that my luggage will be chosen to come out first.
And guess what? Once it actually happened……It was at a very small airport on the Greek Islands after flying on a very small plane (so my chances were greatly increased with not many people flying). The conveyor belt started and out came my bag, well ahead of any others. It proudly made it’s way around the carousel towards me and I was so happy! (It’s sad I know)
Nowdays I get excited even if I am in the first 50 bags to come out. So I am sitting her hoping that when I land back in Melbourne in an hour or so, my bag will have pushed it way to the front of the queue.
Happy travels.
Becstar x

Ed’s Note: Since I was unable to post this before my flight due to site maintenance, I can report that when I got to Melbourne my bag was about 3rd last to come out. Bugger! However I did get to sit right near Denise Scott on the flight, who I think is just hilarious and lovely, so that made my day!

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