Thursday, May 26, 2011

#30: The shop assistant picks out the biggest & best looking treat from behind the glass panel at the bakery.

#30: It makes my day when………... The shop assistant picks out the biggest & best treat from behind the glass panel at the bakery.
So you’ve decided that you deserve a treat from the bakery because you had a crappy day at work, you forgot to each your lunch, it’s Friday or maybe you just rode your bike 120km. Whatever the reason, if you’re like me you stay there for a while letting everyone else go ahead of you while deciding what you are going to choose.
This is a big decision (as we know from Post #25) so you scan the rows of delicious treat until your eyes fixate on the Raspberry and White Chocolate scone mmmmmm………..
However there is certainly a discrepancy between the size, shape and proportion of choc bits on the scones on the tray behind the glass, so you will be taking a risk if they choose one for you. Is it worth it? Hell yeah, they look incredible.
So you look for the most generous looking shop assistant and tentatively move forward saying in your politest voice “Could I please have one Raspberry & White Chocolate scone?” Then you watch in hesitation as she bends down towards the tray…….Oh it feels like she’s going in slow motion.
But then the magic starts, she replays your move and scans the tray looking for the most delicious, plump looking treat and chooses the exact scone that you had your eye on….WOHOOO, you are so grateful and can now relax, walking away knowing you are going to enjoy every bit of your yummy treat.
Yummmm….anyone else now carving something from the bakery?
Today’s post idea is the first one that has been sent in by a home viewer, Lisa Jacobs. Lisa is a lawyer/cyclist/writer/bakery enthusiast and keen admirer of miniature dachshunds. Lisa has an awesome new website that I recommend that you check out (especially if you love cycling). Find it at
A similar moment happened to her yesterday and enjoyed every bite of her date scone! Thanks Lisa.
Happy eating!
Becstar x
                                       Tip: Flirting with the bakery staff does tend to increase
                                               your chances of scoring the biggest treat.

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