Monday, May 9, 2011

#15: You send or receive a hand written letter

#15: It makes my day when………..You send or receive a hand written letter.
Okay, so think about the last time you received a hand written letter and remember the excitement when you retrieved it from the mailbox and the thoughts ran through your mind as you struggled to open it. “Who could it be from?”, “Is it an invite”, “Is it the lotteries commission, personally writing to tell me of my big windfall?”
I have recently made a conscious decision to try to write more letters (Well hand written cards at least) and send them out to my friends or family to try and brighten their day.
Whether I have used it as a ‘Thanks for having us over for a lovely dinner’, ‘Thanks for coming to visit me in Melbourne’ or as simple ‘Thinking of you’, the response is always super positive in return. I always get a big thank you and in special cases, a hand written thank you letter back.
So next time, you want to say thanks, hello or anything really, don’t send an sms or email. Take an extra 5mins to go grab a $1 card, a 60c stamp and you will be amazed at the fuzzy feeling you get as you pop into the post box and then as a bonus, the positive response at the that will come your way the next day once it has been received.
This post is what I like to call a WIN-WIN. It makes your day and it also makes someone elses day better.
So who can you send a letter/card to today?
Becstar x

                                                      Awww…….See how happy she looks!

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