Thursday, June 30, 2011

#56: It’s a bright, sunny day

#56: It makes my day when………...It’s a bright, sunny day.
Keeping with yesterday's weather theme - it totally makes my day when it is a beautiful, bright, warm, sunny day.

Not too hot that you start sweating as soon as you get out of a cold shower but warm enough to get around in shorts & t-shirt.

You still want to be able to do a bit of exercise, sit in the sun without feeling like you are burning in an oven and not have any problems touching your steering wheel.

With this in mind, my optimal forecast would read as follows - "Todays weather forecast is for clear blue skies and a top of 32 degrees with a light breeze rolling in by early evening"

Personally I think I am 3.2 times more likely to have an awesome day if the sun is shining.

Bring on summer!

Becstar x

                       One of my favourite places to be on a beautiful day – Cottesloe Beach, WA.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#55: You risk not taking an umbrella and it doesn’t rain

#55: It makes my day when………. You risk not taking an umbrella and it doesn’t rain!
Living in Melbourne I live with the decision to take this risk every day. Even in the middle of summer, you just never know what the weather could do in the next hour…..
I must admit though that we have had some fantastic weather lately. Although it’s been cold, it hasn’t rained in ages and therefore I have been sans umbrella for weeks. But you know what they say “Every day without rain is a day closer to the next downpour!” (Okay well no-one is history may have ever said that but I have now!)
Anyway I am sure you have all lived through and hopefully survived these days when you leave home unaware of the exact weather conditions outside. As you get about 100m from your front door, the thought pops into your head and you think “Is it going to rain? Maybe I should get the umbrella just in case?”
But you look back and now you are 130m from your front door, it’s so far to go back and so you make the conscious decision to risk it – ohhh you daredevil you!
As the day continues the clouds roll in, it gets dark and you are sure that you are going to get wet!
But then the sun comes back out, rainbows appear and you feel like you have put all your money on black and you’re your number has come in.
Well done, you successfully outplayed the weather. What a great day!
Happy forecasting!
Becstar x

Monday, June 27, 2011

#54: Your favourite dessert is served

#54: It makes my day when………. Your favourite dessert is served
Anyone else out there have a strong sweet tooth? I certainly do, so dessert is often my favourite time of the meal & in my younger days I may have been known to rebel at the Sizzler buffet and go straight for the soft serve with sprinkles. (Bad Ass I know)
But this moment comes when you are either out at a friend’s house for a dinner party, at a fancy catered function or someone else has offered to bring dessert to your house for dinner. Therefore the choice of what will be served is out of your control and if they serve fruit cake (I mean really why spoil a cake by putting fruit in it), anything banana flavoured or a baked cheesecake, you will be utterly disappointed.
The tension builds as the main meal plates are taken away, the call for “Tea or Coffee” is raised and you know the unveiling cannot be far away. You stomach starts to turn in anticipation and you hope that your strategy to resist seconds of the roast lamb will pay off when one of your fave desserts is made available.
Then the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as the server slowly turns in your direction to unveil……………………………………………………Lemon Meringue Pie!!!!! Wohooooo!!!!!! One of your favourite desserts has appeared and it looks so damn good.
I mean you also would have been happy with anything Chocolate but the more obscure your favourite dessert is, the more excitement it brings.
So relieved you held back on main course and although you can sense of tummy ache coming on following the second slice, every mouthful makes it is so worth it!
Happy eating!
Becstar x

Sunday, June 26, 2011

#53: Your team wins

#53: It makes my day when………. Your team wins
If you are a sports fan like me and hold a strong passion for your favourite team, you will understand how this one can change your entire day’s outlook.
You may sit in the crowd cheering your heart out or simply yelling at the TV, being sure to keep your left foot crossed over the right, as you have found that your team seems to kick more goals when you sit this way. Holding your hand over your eyes when your favourite player is shooting for goal also been proven to elicit a greater accuracy, which has been established through stringent research over the past 5 years.
So yesterday I had the privilege of seeing my favourite AFL team, the West Coast Eagles have their first win in Melbourne for the year over Carlton, who are in the Top 4. For those of you who do not understand the significance of this - last year we won the bottom spoon (last place of 16 teams) and when playing away from Subiaco (our home ground in Perth), we have struggled for the past few years.
I must admit that my passion for my team slightly waned last year, as with every week that passed by (we won only 4 times out of 22) my STRS or Sports Team Related Sadness grew more prevalent and sometimes it was easier just to turn the TV off. How can they expect me to have any passion when they weren’t playing with any either?
Anyway a new season has rolled around and we are going much better than I could have ever expected. We have are about halfway through the season and we have already won 9 games! 9 games can you believe it? So everything now is a bonus and I must say I feel a bit proud every time they run out on the field.
What can I say – it just totally makes my day!
Happy cheering!
Becstar x

Thursday, June 23, 2011

#52: The best treadmill at the gym is free

#52: It makes my day when……….The best treadmill at the gym is free
In my new life as a gym junkie, this has become an important win that ends my day nicely. Rather than exercising outside on my bike, in a swimming pool or simply pounding the pavement, I have taken my need to sweat indoors to a super cool gym in South Melbourne.
Now there are heaps of treadmills and cardio equipment to choose from but I am pretty pedantic and have formulated a unique formula to determine the best treadmill out of the 30 available. This took into consideration:
·         Inclusion of inbuilt TV screen & headphone jack
·         Positioned with optimal air flow from fan
·         Good vision into reflective window back across gym floor
·         A view out of the window to people going past below
·         Away from entry/exit into cardio area
·         Big buttons to easily increase/decrease speeds
Therefore it totally makes my day when I head into the usually crowded gym ready to run and see that Timmy (my treadmill) is free and ready for me to jump on.
Now this excitement is not just limited to treadmills, you may have a favourite exercise bike, rowing machine, cross trainer or skipping rope that you are drawn too or perhaps your gym is limited for cardio equipment (which is not uncommon, especially in hotel gyms….) and you go in there just hoping that something will be available.
Well I wish you good luck on your next visit and hope you get in a good workout, then you will feel ever better afterwards.
Happy exercising!
Becstar x
              Okay, so this is not Timmy but this was too good not to post – A Treadmill Bike!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#51: You get to your destination right on time

#51: It makes my day when………. You get to your destination right on time.
So perhaps you are going somewhere for the first time or maybe you have been there a hundred times before but there are so many factors that can determine how long it will take to get there. So arriving 2minutes before your ETA makes me happy every time.
You could underestimate the traffic, the distance to be travelled or the number of sets of traffic lights. Maybe there is an accident that holds you up or perhaps you simply left later than required, so you need to hope that you get #32 All green lights for you to make it. You may have to stop for petrol, a takeaway coffee (sometimes this is a necessity) or for a toilet break.
Throughout the journey you will experience moments of anxiousness as you start to consider the consequences of being late. Questions like “Will they cancel my appointment?” or “Will my friends order breakfast without me?” The tension builds as the time ticks away then all of a sudden your destination appears on the horizon and it only 9.56am……but now you have to park!!!!
Arrrghhhh….this could take ages. But lucky for you today you also get blessed with #31 A parking spot right outside the front door.
Beautiful work (insert your name here)! You’ve done a brilliant job and you wonder why you stressed out so much. But perhaps next time you might decide to leave a few minutes earlier…..
Happy commuting!
Becstar x

Quick they are about to say “I DO”……

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#50: Fuel light comes on & you see a petrol station on the horizon

#50: It makes my day when……….Fuel light comes on & you see a petrol station on the horizon.
Geez I hate filling up the car with petrol. I don’t know why but it just one of those chores that I really don’t like doing. Lucky for me I hardly drive a car in Melbourne so filling up is restricted to about every 3-4 weeks.
However since I do not enjoy it (Ridiculous I know as it takes less than 10mins) sometimes I feel the urge to push the limit on how far I can travel til I really need to fill up……the fuel light gives you at least another 30km right?
So while you could argue that putting myself in this position is self-inflicted, it certainly excited me when I suddenly get anxious that I really need petrol and one suddenly appears on the horizon.
Even better is when any of the following occur –
·         Petrol is cheap (well as cheap as you have seen it for a while)
·         There is no line
·         It is not rainy or freezing cold
·         You have a discount docket for the exact station you pulled into
·         The attendant fills up for you – Does this actually happen anymore? I remember it used to when I was younger and I suggest they bring it back.

Happy refuelling!
Becstar x

Ps. Today we hit the 50th post for the “Makes My Day When” blog – yay! I have really enjoyed doing this over the past 8-9 weeks and appreciate the positive feedback from all. The major thing I have learnt from doing this is that every day there are small things that make you smile or improve your mood. As I have been looking out for them, I notice them happening all the time and I can’t help but smile. I just hope this blog has made you smile in some small way when some of these events occur in your life.
The aim is to keep going until I hit at least 100 posts and although I am still continuing to find these gem moments, please feel free to email me with any ideas you may have. Send your ideas to and I’ll be sure to credit your genius on the post.

Monday, June 20, 2011

#49: The car park next to you is empty when you need to reverse out

#49: It makes my day when………. The car park next to you is empty when you need to reverse out
Now I know this one is pretty specific but it happens to me last night when I was leaving the gym and I was pretty happy about it.
You know when you go into a crowded car park, the spaces are quite skinny and the distance to the row of cars behind you is quite small?
It means ultimately you are forced to do a 8 point turn to get out while mobs of angry looking drivers look on.
So this one is all about the times when you need to reverse out and the space next to you is empty so you can easily spin the car around in a big arc while reversing and get out in one smooth move.
Simple but brilliant!
Happy reversing!
Becstar x

Sunday, June 19, 2011

#48: You get the house to yourself

#48: It makes my day when………. You get the house to yourself.
After a very crazy few weeks travelling around Australia for work & pleasure, I came back to Melbourne on Monday afternoon and my folks arrived Tuesday on the back half of their 6 week world trip to stay with us for 5 days.
It was so wonderful to see them and they bunked in with us in our 1 bedroom apartment – so it was very cosy. Luckily for all, we hardly spent any time at home as we were out enjoying the sights of Melbourne and they have plenty of friends over here to catch up with.
Anyway the point to my story is that on Sunday afternoon after I dropped them off at the airport L and with Matt having another engagement to attend to, I had the house all to myself…….Oh it was lovely!
Now those who know me well will know that I spend a lot of my time working from home, so you are probably thinking “You always have the house to yourself” but this is different. I am talking about the times you have the house to yourself and you really have nothing else to do.
You can sit on the couch, eating grapes watching crap TV in your daggy trackies and not have to worry about a thing…….and that’s exactly what I did yesterday.
Not a great use of my time but a vital part of my relaxation routine (which seems to be diminishing by the week).
What do you like to do when you get the house to yourself?
Happy relaxing!
Becstar x

Thursday, June 16, 2011

#47: You flick over & realise your fave show is just starting

#47: It makes my day when……….You flick over & realise your fave show is just starting.
Now I would expect that you all have your favourite TV shows that you religiously watch each week, you know what time they start and what channel they are on, right?
Well for those playing at home mine as follows –
·         Tuesdays 8.30pm Winners & Losers – Channel 7
·         Wednesday 9.00pm Angry Boys – Channel ABC
·         Thursdays 9.30pm Law & Order SVU – Channel 10
So you would think that with only 3 shows to remember I would be on top of this. And well most of the time I am and I sit happily on the couch enjoying the show.
However lately each week seem to be flying by at pace with each day blurring into the next, so I have been forgetting to change channels at the right time.
So this leads me to the excitement that occurs when you are just clicking around stations looking for something to watch when you flick over and hear the theme music to one of your favourite shows……Wohoo!!!!!
You’ve saved yourself from the devastation that was set to occur in about 30mins time when you remember your TV watching schedule & realise that the show is halfway through.
Nothing like a bit of excitement at the “Dun, Dun” music of the Law & Order opening titles to make my day…..
Happy viewing!
Becstar x

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#46: Your appointment is on time

#46: It makes my day when……….Your appointment is on time.
Now I know in the excitement of yesterday’s post regarding fresh magazines, I may have suggested that I don’t mind appointments that are not running on time…….well I take it all back! Even with the latest copy of OK in hand, I would much prefer my appointment to be running to the exact minute.
If you are like me you probably head to an appointment almost expecting the doctor/physio/chiro or masseuse to be running 15mins behind schedule. So imagine your excitement when you get one line into the cover story and you hear your name being called.
You actually might be so shocked that it startles you and causes you to jump up like you have just been called to “Come on down” on The Price is Right! How embarrassing, you may have overreacted!
So after a few excited skips you control yourself and settle back into a relaxed walk. However what the others in the waiting room can’t see if the massive smile you have across your face at your good fortune.
You are definitely going to be running on time for the rest of your day and hence sharing the excitement of good punctuality with others.
Happy timing!
Becstar x

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#45: The waiting room has recent magazines

#45: It makes my day when……….The waiting room has recent magazines.
Oh my gosh….this one is a ripper! Now this blog seems to bringing out all my dirty little secrets, so I may as well divulge that I am a tragic when it comes to celebrity news and trashy mags.
So boy do I get excited when I enter the waiting room of the doctors/physio/dentist/beauticians and see that the latest copy of Who, OK or even Woman’s Day is awaiting for my reading pleasure.   
Sometimes I even hope that my appointment will be running 10mins late so I can see what Speidi, TomKate and Brangelina have been up to……Please don’t lose respect for me, I’m sure you secretly love it to.
Happy reading!
Becstar x

Monday, June 13, 2011

#44: You get your washing in just before it rains.

#44: It makes my day when……….You get your washing in just before it rains.
Another great blog idea from one of my wonderful readers, thanks Faye. An idea that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of due to my current residence on the 14th floor of an apartment building.
However I completely understand the excitement and exhilaration of your good timing as you walk inside with your washing basket to start the folding or ironing, when suddenly you hear the heavens open and it starts to pour.  
Have you ever been more excited to hear rain?
It must be your telepathic powers or perhaps just good karma for doing the housework rather than watching another episode of The Kardashians.
The only thing that could make this moment any sweeter is if all of your socks match up with their pair…..
Happy folding!
Becstar x
         Quick – Get these clothes inside, you’re playing with fire (well rain but you get the point).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

#43: Someone flashes you to tell you about a speed camera up ahead

#43: It makes my day when……….Someone flashes you to tell you about a speed camera up ahead.  
Now before you get all righteous (just like I would) and say I shouldn’t be speeding in the first place, please be well aware that in no way do I condone speeding & truth be told I have never had any speeding fine or infringement in my 10 years of driving – yay for me!
However when you are on the way home from a road trip (like I am 3 hours in on a 7 hour drive) you may just be able to justify to yourself that travelling 112km/hr in a 110km/hr zone would get you home 14km quicker and hence save you about 6.5mins.
(Ed: Yes I did the math & while it could be wrong, it did make me realise that it’s not worth the risk. However I’ve digressed!)
Anyway when you driving along and someone flashes you to suggest that the law enforcement are up ahead, it does give you the opportunity to slowly take your foot off the accelerator and cruise past the speed trap well under the speed limit.
It was unlikely you would have been caught anyway, as I am sure my readers are all law abiding drivers but if you could you’d love to yell “THANKS” to your fellow road traveller.
They went out of their way to help you out, so you are grateful, especially so if you had happened to be screaming along to the latest Beyonce track causing you push slightly harder on the accelerator.
Happy travels!
Becstar x

Thursday, June 9, 2011

#42: You go somewhere for the first time

#42: It makes my day when……….You go somewhere for the first time.  
Since I am typing away from the passenger’s seat of the car after doing my 2 hour driving stint this morning, I thought today’s post should be related to my current situation.
Matt and I are on a road trip from Melbourne to Canberra for a 4 day long, long weekend. Since we have only recently moved to the East we thought it would be a good opportunity to go for a drive and visit our capital city and the sites it has to offer. (Kind of regretting not going to the snow, as I heard they opened the ski fields early today but hoping Parliament House, the War Memorial and the Art Galleries provide as much excitement?)
Now I’m not a fan on being in the car for any period of time, so this may seem like a stupid move but what I am a fan of is visiting new places…….
The thought of not knowing what is around the next corner presents so many questions. Will we continue on a straight road or will the road bend slightly right? What kind of ‘Big’ sized items will we see? Will pass through any towns with funny names? The excitement is so overwhelming that I have been known to tire myself and fall asleep in the car many times over.
For those interested the answers on our trip so far are straight then slightly left, a big submarine and Howlong – haha funny Howlong! I’ll tell you how long – 2hr 10mins to go!
Our next stop will be at Gundagai – where I believe it will be our first time visiting a certain dog & tuckerbox. Photos to come!
Happy holidays!
Becstar x
                                                            Thumbs up for a new road!

                                  BLOG UPDATE: First time at the Dog & The Tuckerbox!
                                     (Make sure you allow yourself at least 90 seconds)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#41: You beat your own PB

#41: It makes my day when……….. You beat your own PB.  
Okay so some of you out there may or may not be as competitive as I am but for those of you who are then I am sure you are already nodding along.
Now while I have been known to enjoying winning, I actually take just as much, if not more pride from beating myself than I do others.
So when I beat my own personal best at anything, I am instantly satisfied that I have improved myself and feel a sense of excitement. And trust me I have PB’s at almost anything………
See a few below that currently stand and will certainly take some effort to beat –
·         Most kilometres ridden on my pushbike in one day:                        226km
·         Most dry Weetbix eaten in one sitting without a drink:                 13
·         Shortest winning time for Draw 3 Solitaire on my iphone:              1min 54 sec
·         Shortest number of steps from bed to the office:                             3
Again please don’t think I am a weirdo but I am all about efficiency. With so much going on, if I can save myself just a few minutes a day by getting better at something, then imagine how much extra time I’ll have to relax in 20 years.
Today I’ll try to see if I can beat my PB for most page views on this blog – feel free to help by suggesting the FB page to your friends…..I’ll be sure to recognise your contribution on the official record certificate I always prepare (Okay I’m kiddng here – of course I only make myself certificates for the big ones!)
Happy competing!
Becstar x

                                    As much as enjoy healthy competition, for your own safety
                                 I wouldn’t recommend attempting to beat the Weetbix record.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#40: Someone lets you in front of them when you only have 1 item

#40: It makes my day when………..Someone lets you in front of them in the queue when you only have 1 item.
Rewind your minds back to the situation I addressed in blog post #16 or for those pressed for time see below. So you’re in a rush & need to pop into the supermarket for some milk but when you get to the checkout line you are presented with a massive queue and are stationed behind a dude who seems to be stocking up on tinned corn. I mean really of all things to stock up on?
Now even though he has a whole shopping trolley full of groceries the intense pace that the checkout chick is scanning the current shopper’s items, makes you think that checkout 7 could be your best bet. So you patiently wait, when the words of an angel descend from Corn Boy who simply says “You go in front”.
You politely answer “Are you sure?” although by this stage you have already scooted past him and placed your item on the counter for scanning, so if he had changed his mind, it could get awkward.
You repeatedly thank him to the point of overdoing it, pay your money and skip away with such vigour that others may in actual fact think you may have stolen the milk. But the smile gives you away – how could someone so happy commit a crime?
Happy shopping!
Becstar x
                                                Imagine how stocked this guy would have
                                                 been to jump the queue in his situation?

Monday, June 6, 2011

#39: You’re the first to use the restroom after it’s been cleaned.

#39: It makes my day when……….. You’re the first to use the restroom after it’s been cleaned.
Okay, so today’s post isn’t the type of thing that when it happens you squeal with delight but it does make for a better experience than if it didn’t occur, so I thought it deserved a mention.
Now public bathrooms don’t make too many people instantly happy but there can be a hint of delight when you believe that you may be the first person to visit since the last clean. There are a couple of signs that point to this occurrence but the key one would be the neat folding of the end of the toilet room into a pointed triangle or if you are lucky an origami swan.
Public bathrooms scare me in even the most poshest of places, so the belief that only moments ago the whole area was cleaned & disinfected for my arrival is enough to get me smiling.
This happened to me yesterday in the Perth Qantas lounge and as I sat there happily enjoying the stress free moment, I thought that I would pay the moment forward, so I sneakily re-folded the toilet paper, so the next visitor may experience the good feeling.
Perhaps it is misleading & I am hoping that not everyone is doing this but if it puts a smile on my face, then perhaps it will to someone else…….
Happy……….ummmm…..weeing! (Awkard, sorry!)
Becstar x

Sunday, June 5, 2011

#38: You find money on the ground

#38: It makes my day when………..You find money on the ground.
Another day past by and another moment of good fortune has come my way….wow I am really started to think that writing this blog is good karma.
So yesterday was another “No Post” Sunday and I happened to be down in the South West of Perth enjoying a weekend away with my fave friends. On Saturday we may have indulged, okay over indulged in what I believe is this region’s best export – WINE! Feeling a bit sore, shaky and under the weather, a few of us girls thought a bit of a stroll and some sunshine would help with our recovery. So we yanked ourselves off the couch, out of our pj’s and set off at a very relaxed pace.
Then 10mins into the walk, I perhaps overexcitedly let out a yell of excitement, bent down and grabbed my treasure………a $2 coin. Now perhaps my excitement may not have been what others may have expected in this situation with both Janelle & Rach jumping back in shock at my squeals of delight. They almost seemed to be let down by the fact that it was only $2………perhaps believing that my excitement was more appropriate to a $50 note!
However this led to reminiscing about the excitement involved when I was with Janelle the day she did find a $50 note on the ground (Although to be totally honest, her excitement levels were more akin to what I would expect from finding 50c not $50). We were on our way to watch the Eagles play at Subiaco oval, I had free tickets so I invited Janelle & her husband to be Chris along. On the long walk from the car to the ground, Janelle managed to pick out a $50 note hidden amongst the fallen leaves…..What a find it was! With no-one around looking to claim it we had no other choice but to take it before someone else did. So excited and always gracious, Janelle decided that she would use the money to buy us all Chicken Treat at the game. And do you think we have ever enjoyed a Chicken Roll as much as we did that day????
Anyhow the morale of the story is…..finding money = awesome!
Keep your eyes peeled on the ground as your next magic moment could be just around the corner.
Happy hunting!
Becstar x

Friday, June 3, 2011

#37: Wake up at the right time even though you didn’t set your alarm.

#37: It makes my day when………..Wake up at the right time even though you didn’t set your alarm.
How good is your body clock? It’s like you have an in built timer, which recognises the time that you want to get up and then like magic….BANG you wake up, roll over and it’s exactly 6.58am when your required wake up time was due at 7.02am.
It’s even cooler when you wake up at the required time when it is not your normal rise time…..4.58am exactly WOHOO or 10.58am before a late brunch after an extra late night YOU BEAUTY!
Don’t you just find it amazing…….and you’ll be so proud of yourself for achieving your goal, which you didn’t even know was possible.
Happy sleeping!
Becstar x

Thursday, June 2, 2011

#36: Your order is stuffed up & you reap the rewards of free food

#36: It makes my day when……….. Your order is stuffed up & you reap the rewards of free food.
Now I’m not sure what’s going on but it seems to me, that ever since I started this blog, that my life just seems to have got so much more awesome with so much luck going my way or perhaps I am just noticing it more????
Anyway my family has an uncanny attraction to our orders being stuffed up at restaurants, but not normally in a good way – until last night.
Since my folks are away in the US, it is only me and my bro at home, while I am in Perth. So we decided to get Mexican from our fave restaurant, Pancho’s. (I have been going there since I was 2, they used to sponsor us for triathlon and Trav & I both worked there for a few years)
Now I was out, so I asked Trav to order on the phone & I would pick it up. He ordered and asked for the food to be cold & then we would heat it up in the microwave when we got home (Incidentally if you didn’t know that most Mexican was made in the microwave, you now know!)
So I get there and ask for my order to have the waitress say the dreaded but not uncommon for us words “There was a problem with your order” Bugger, I instantly had flashbacks to many hours waiting for food that would only be ‘5 more mins’ but alas tonight was going to different.
She then proceeded to say that they had accidentally stuffed up and made the food hot, so they had given us this as well as our full order cold. Sweet, so it meant that we had two of everything, including the best conqueso dip, you will ever eat! We got home ate the hot food and we now have a whole second meal for tonight!!!!!
I was so over the moon and told anyone who would listen about my good fortune. Thanks for listening and good luck to you with your next order.
Happy eating!
Becstar x
                                                              Good karma is delicious!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#35: Minutes after seeing hoon driver, you see them pulled over by the police

#35: It makes my day when………..Minutes after seeing hoon driver, you see them pulled over by the police.
For all us law-abiding citizens this sure is a good one!!!!
Now while I am usually not a fan of enjoying other people’s misfortune, I certainly don’t have too much of a problem with having a slight smirk and good stare as I drive past this situation.
I mean they were an obvious hazard to other road users when they came flying along changing lanes with no indication, tail-gating or the worse I have seen, going the opposite way through the roundabout on a blind corner to overtake………
So they totally deserve it right? Well I think they do and I am always glad to see them get caught.
I am always grateful for the police and drive past, congratulating myself for being a witness to justice being served.
Happy & safe driving.
Becstar x
                                         Maybe I should try to be more tactful than this….