Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#51: You get to your destination right on time

#51: It makes my day when………. You get to your destination right on time.
So perhaps you are going somewhere for the first time or maybe you have been there a hundred times before but there are so many factors that can determine how long it will take to get there. So arriving 2minutes before your ETA makes me happy every time.
You could underestimate the traffic, the distance to be travelled or the number of sets of traffic lights. Maybe there is an accident that holds you up or perhaps you simply left later than required, so you need to hope that you get #32 All green lights for you to make it. You may have to stop for petrol, a takeaway coffee (sometimes this is a necessity) or for a toilet break.
Throughout the journey you will experience moments of anxiousness as you start to consider the consequences of being late. Questions like “Will they cancel my appointment?” or “Will my friends order breakfast without me?” The tension builds as the time ticks away then all of a sudden your destination appears on the horizon and it only 9.56am……but now you have to park!!!!
Arrrghhhh….this could take ages. But lucky for you today you also get blessed with #31 A parking spot right outside the front door.
Beautiful work (insert your name here)! You’ve done a brilliant job and you wonder why you stressed out so much. But perhaps next time you might decide to leave a few minutes earlier…..
Happy commuting!
Becstar x

Quick they are about to say “I DO”……

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