Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#55: You risk not taking an umbrella and it doesn’t rain

#55: It makes my day when………. You risk not taking an umbrella and it doesn’t rain!
Living in Melbourne I live with the decision to take this risk every day. Even in the middle of summer, you just never know what the weather could do in the next hour…..
I must admit though that we have had some fantastic weather lately. Although it’s been cold, it hasn’t rained in ages and therefore I have been sans umbrella for weeks. But you know what they say “Every day without rain is a day closer to the next downpour!” (Okay well no-one is history may have ever said that but I have now!)
Anyway I am sure you have all lived through and hopefully survived these days when you leave home unaware of the exact weather conditions outside. As you get about 100m from your front door, the thought pops into your head and you think “Is it going to rain? Maybe I should get the umbrella just in case?”
But you look back and now you are 130m from your front door, it’s so far to go back and so you make the conscious decision to risk it – ohhh you daredevil you!
As the day continues the clouds roll in, it gets dark and you are sure that you are going to get wet!
But then the sun comes back out, rainbows appear and you feel like you have put all your money on black and you’re your number has come in.
Well done, you successfully outplayed the weather. What a great day!
Happy forecasting!
Becstar x

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