Sunday, June 5, 2011

#38: You find money on the ground

#38: It makes my day when………..You find money on the ground.
Another day past by and another moment of good fortune has come my way….wow I am really started to think that writing this blog is good karma.
So yesterday was another “No Post” Sunday and I happened to be down in the South West of Perth enjoying a weekend away with my fave friends. On Saturday we may have indulged, okay over indulged in what I believe is this region’s best export – WINE! Feeling a bit sore, shaky and under the weather, a few of us girls thought a bit of a stroll and some sunshine would help with our recovery. So we yanked ourselves off the couch, out of our pj’s and set off at a very relaxed pace.
Then 10mins into the walk, I perhaps overexcitedly let out a yell of excitement, bent down and grabbed my treasure………a $2 coin. Now perhaps my excitement may not have been what others may have expected in this situation with both Janelle & Rach jumping back in shock at my squeals of delight. They almost seemed to be let down by the fact that it was only $2………perhaps believing that my excitement was more appropriate to a $50 note!
However this led to reminiscing about the excitement involved when I was with Janelle the day she did find a $50 note on the ground (Although to be totally honest, her excitement levels were more akin to what I would expect from finding 50c not $50). We were on our way to watch the Eagles play at Subiaco oval, I had free tickets so I invited Janelle & her husband to be Chris along. On the long walk from the car to the ground, Janelle managed to pick out a $50 note hidden amongst the fallen leaves…..What a find it was! With no-one around looking to claim it we had no other choice but to take it before someone else did. So excited and always gracious, Janelle decided that she would use the money to buy us all Chicken Treat at the game. And do you think we have ever enjoyed a Chicken Roll as much as we did that day????
Anyhow the morale of the story is…..finding money = awesome!
Keep your eyes peeled on the ground as your next magic moment could be just around the corner.
Happy hunting!
Becstar x

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