Sunday, June 26, 2011

#53: Your team wins

#53: It makes my day when………. Your team wins
If you are a sports fan like me and hold a strong passion for your favourite team, you will understand how this one can change your entire day’s outlook.
You may sit in the crowd cheering your heart out or simply yelling at the TV, being sure to keep your left foot crossed over the right, as you have found that your team seems to kick more goals when you sit this way. Holding your hand over your eyes when your favourite player is shooting for goal also been proven to elicit a greater accuracy, which has been established through stringent research over the past 5 years.
So yesterday I had the privilege of seeing my favourite AFL team, the West Coast Eagles have their first win in Melbourne for the year over Carlton, who are in the Top 4. For those of you who do not understand the significance of this - last year we won the bottom spoon (last place of 16 teams) and when playing away from Subiaco (our home ground in Perth), we have struggled for the past few years.
I must admit that my passion for my team slightly waned last year, as with every week that passed by (we won only 4 times out of 22) my STRS or Sports Team Related Sadness grew more prevalent and sometimes it was easier just to turn the TV off. How can they expect me to have any passion when they weren’t playing with any either?
Anyway a new season has rolled around and we are going much better than I could have ever expected. We have are about halfway through the season and we have already won 9 games! 9 games can you believe it? So everything now is a bonus and I must say I feel a bit proud every time they run out on the field.
What can I say – it just totally makes my day!
Happy cheering!
Becstar x

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