Thursday, June 23, 2011

#52: The best treadmill at the gym is free

#52: It makes my day when……….The best treadmill at the gym is free
In my new life as a gym junkie, this has become an important win that ends my day nicely. Rather than exercising outside on my bike, in a swimming pool or simply pounding the pavement, I have taken my need to sweat indoors to a super cool gym in South Melbourne.
Now there are heaps of treadmills and cardio equipment to choose from but I am pretty pedantic and have formulated a unique formula to determine the best treadmill out of the 30 available. This took into consideration:
·         Inclusion of inbuilt TV screen & headphone jack
·         Positioned with optimal air flow from fan
·         Good vision into reflective window back across gym floor
·         A view out of the window to people going past below
·         Away from entry/exit into cardio area
·         Big buttons to easily increase/decrease speeds
Therefore it totally makes my day when I head into the usually crowded gym ready to run and see that Timmy (my treadmill) is free and ready for me to jump on.
Now this excitement is not just limited to treadmills, you may have a favourite exercise bike, rowing machine, cross trainer or skipping rope that you are drawn too or perhaps your gym is limited for cardio equipment (which is not uncommon, especially in hotel gyms….) and you go in there just hoping that something will be available.
Well I wish you good luck on your next visit and hope you get in a good workout, then you will feel ever better afterwards.
Happy exercising!
Becstar x
              Okay, so this is not Timmy but this was too good not to post – A Treadmill Bike!!!

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  1. Thinking about the consideration of best treadmill as you given within the 6 point, I think It's the best. Thank you so much for you great suggestion.