Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#40: Someone lets you in front of them when you only have 1 item

#40: It makes my day when………..Someone lets you in front of them in the queue when you only have 1 item.
Rewind your minds back to the situation I addressed in blog post #16 or for those pressed for time see below. So you’re in a rush & need to pop into the supermarket for some milk but when you get to the checkout line you are presented with a massive queue and are stationed behind a dude who seems to be stocking up on tinned corn. I mean really of all things to stock up on?
Now even though he has a whole shopping trolley full of groceries the intense pace that the checkout chick is scanning the current shopper’s items, makes you think that checkout 7 could be your best bet. So you patiently wait, when the words of an angel descend from Corn Boy who simply says “You go in front”.
You politely answer “Are you sure?” although by this stage you have already scooted past him and placed your item on the counter for scanning, so if he had changed his mind, it could get awkward.
You repeatedly thank him to the point of overdoing it, pay your money and skip away with such vigour that others may in actual fact think you may have stolen the milk. But the smile gives you away – how could someone so happy commit a crime?
Happy shopping!
Becstar x
                                                Imagine how stocked this guy would have
                                                 been to jump the queue in his situation?

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