Thursday, June 9, 2011

#42: You go somewhere for the first time

#42: It makes my day when……….You go somewhere for the first time.  
Since I am typing away from the passenger’s seat of the car after doing my 2 hour driving stint this morning, I thought today’s post should be related to my current situation.
Matt and I are on a road trip from Melbourne to Canberra for a 4 day long, long weekend. Since we have only recently moved to the East we thought it would be a good opportunity to go for a drive and visit our capital city and the sites it has to offer. (Kind of regretting not going to the snow, as I heard they opened the ski fields early today but hoping Parliament House, the War Memorial and the Art Galleries provide as much excitement?)
Now I’m not a fan on being in the car for any period of time, so this may seem like a stupid move but what I am a fan of is visiting new places…….
The thought of not knowing what is around the next corner presents so many questions. Will we continue on a straight road or will the road bend slightly right? What kind of ‘Big’ sized items will we see? Will pass through any towns with funny names? The excitement is so overwhelming that I have been known to tire myself and fall asleep in the car many times over.
For those interested the answers on our trip so far are straight then slightly left, a big submarine and Howlong – haha funny Howlong! I’ll tell you how long – 2hr 10mins to go!
Our next stop will be at Gundagai – where I believe it will be our first time visiting a certain dog & tuckerbox. Photos to come!
Happy holidays!
Becstar x
                                                            Thumbs up for a new road!

                                  BLOG UPDATE: First time at the Dog & The Tuckerbox!
                                     (Make sure you allow yourself at least 90 seconds)

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