Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#41: You beat your own PB

#41: It makes my day when……….. You beat your own PB.  
Okay so some of you out there may or may not be as competitive as I am but for those of you who are then I am sure you are already nodding along.
Now while I have been known to enjoying winning, I actually take just as much, if not more pride from beating myself than I do others.
So when I beat my own personal best at anything, I am instantly satisfied that I have improved myself and feel a sense of excitement. And trust me I have PB’s at almost anything………
See a few below that currently stand and will certainly take some effort to beat –
·         Most kilometres ridden on my pushbike in one day:                        226km
·         Most dry Weetbix eaten in one sitting without a drink:                 13
·         Shortest winning time for Draw 3 Solitaire on my iphone:              1min 54 sec
·         Shortest number of steps from bed to the office:                             3
Again please don’t think I am a weirdo but I am all about efficiency. With so much going on, if I can save myself just a few minutes a day by getting better at something, then imagine how much extra time I’ll have to relax in 20 years.
Today I’ll try to see if I can beat my PB for most page views on this blog – feel free to help by suggesting the FB page to your friends…..I’ll be sure to recognise your contribution on the official record certificate I always prepare (Okay I’m kiddng here – of course I only make myself certificates for the big ones!)
Happy competing!
Becstar x

                                    As much as enjoy healthy competition, for your own safety
                                 I wouldn’t recommend attempting to beat the Weetbix record.

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