Thursday, June 16, 2011

#47: You flick over & realise your fave show is just starting

#47: It makes my day when……….You flick over & realise your fave show is just starting.
Now I would expect that you all have your favourite TV shows that you religiously watch each week, you know what time they start and what channel they are on, right?
Well for those playing at home mine as follows –
·         Tuesdays 8.30pm Winners & Losers – Channel 7
·         Wednesday 9.00pm Angry Boys – Channel ABC
·         Thursdays 9.30pm Law & Order SVU – Channel 10
So you would think that with only 3 shows to remember I would be on top of this. And well most of the time I am and I sit happily on the couch enjoying the show.
However lately each week seem to be flying by at pace with each day blurring into the next, so I have been forgetting to change channels at the right time.
So this leads me to the excitement that occurs when you are just clicking around stations looking for something to watch when you flick over and hear the theme music to one of your favourite shows……Wohoo!!!!!
You’ve saved yourself from the devastation that was set to occur in about 30mins time when you remember your TV watching schedule & realise that the show is halfway through.
Nothing like a bit of excitement at the “Dun, Dun” music of the Law & Order opening titles to make my day…..
Happy viewing!
Becstar x

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