Monday, June 6, 2011

#39: You’re the first to use the restroom after it’s been cleaned.

#39: It makes my day when……….. You’re the first to use the restroom after it’s been cleaned.
Okay, so today’s post isn’t the type of thing that when it happens you squeal with delight but it does make for a better experience than if it didn’t occur, so I thought it deserved a mention.
Now public bathrooms don’t make too many people instantly happy but there can be a hint of delight when you believe that you may be the first person to visit since the last clean. There are a couple of signs that point to this occurrence but the key one would be the neat folding of the end of the toilet room into a pointed triangle or if you are lucky an origami swan.
Public bathrooms scare me in even the most poshest of places, so the belief that only moments ago the whole area was cleaned & disinfected for my arrival is enough to get me smiling.
This happened to me yesterday in the Perth Qantas lounge and as I sat there happily enjoying the stress free moment, I thought that I would pay the moment forward, so I sneakily re-folded the toilet paper, so the next visitor may experience the good feeling.
Perhaps it is misleading & I am hoping that not everyone is doing this but if it puts a smile on my face, then perhaps it will to someone else…….
Happy……….ummmm…..weeing! (Awkard, sorry!)
Becstar x

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