Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#35: Minutes after seeing hoon driver, you see them pulled over by the police

#35: It makes my day when………..Minutes after seeing hoon driver, you see them pulled over by the police.
For all us law-abiding citizens this sure is a good one!!!!
Now while I am usually not a fan of enjoying other people’s misfortune, I certainly don’t have too much of a problem with having a slight smirk and good stare as I drive past this situation.
I mean they were an obvious hazard to other road users when they came flying along changing lanes with no indication, tail-gating or the worse I have seen, going the opposite way through the roundabout on a blind corner to overtake………
So they totally deserve it right? Well I think they do and I am always glad to see them get caught.
I am always grateful for the police and drive past, congratulating myself for being a witness to justice being served.
Happy & safe driving.
Becstar x
                                         Maybe I should try to be more tactful than this….

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